Month: December 2019

Finding packing supplies in NYC: where and how?

Where to move? - December 12, 2019

When people think of packing supplies they usually just think of the boxes. But it is a wider term especially ...

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How to handle disputes with movers

Common Moving Mistakes and How to Conquer Them - December 11, 2019

More often than not, moving companies in Forest Hills do not receive any dispute requests. Usually what happens is that ...

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Best Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children

Top NYC neighborhoods - December 10, 2019

When you are about to move with your family, your choice becomes a bit narrower. You can no longer afford ...

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Organize your storage unit like a pro: tips and tricks

Storage Renting Tips - December 9, 2019

Storage units have become a way of life. They are simply necessary because we do not want to throw away ...

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How to organize a yard sale in NYC before your move

Tips for Moving to NYC on a Budget - December 6, 2019

Throughout the years, all of us collect a lot of things in our homes. We manage that and we always ...

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Long term storage tips

Storage Renting Tips - December 4, 2019

Preparing your items for storage is going to be one of the activities that are going to precede any kind ...

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Woodside NY moving guide

Tips for Moving to NYC on a Budget - December 1, 2019

If you are thinking about moving to NYC and you are trying to find a perfect neighborhood for you – ...

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