Woodside NY moving guide

If you are thinking about moving to NYC and you are trying to find a perfect neighborhood for you – we have a great suggestion! Woodside NY is a great neighborhood. It is only a few subways stops into Queens – and you are in a great and very diverse place. More and more people are moving here since the cost of living is much lower. And, you can choose a home that you like – no matter if it is an apartment or a single-family home. Considering all of this we created a simple Woodside NY moving guide, so you can relocate worry-free. You can find movers in Woodside NY pretty easy, and your relocation will be smooth!

Woodside NY moving guide – first steps

Before you decide to move to this charming and very diverse neighboorhood in central Queens – you should know some basic things.  Woodside that we know today started forming in the 1850s. Woodside is also known as Irishtown since the population in 1990 was more than 60% Irish. Today it is a little bit different, and there is even one street named Little Manila due to its concentration of Filipino residents. So, when we say it is diverse – it is very diverse. The great thing about Woodside NY is that it is a very relaxed community, and if you want to escape the big city vibe and all the rush – this is the place for you. With our Woodside NY Moving guide, you will be ready in no time!

girl on computer reading Woodside NY moving guide

You should learn about Woodside NY before you move

Make sure to plan on time

The most important part of any relocation is to plan on time. You should start preparing on time and make sure to have everything ready for the moving day. It is much easier to relocate with a reliable moving company since they can move everything in only one ride. If you want to save some money a great option is to find free moving boxes in NYC and avoid that cost.

checklist for moving to Woodside NY

Make sure to have a clear checklist before you move

Also, a great thing to do before you move to Woodside NY is to create a list of all the things you need to get done. Starting with utilities, your mail address, all of your subscription. Also, you should check your new place. You need to be sure that all fo your belongings will fit into your new home.

Explore and learn

If you are not sure is the relocation to Woodside NY good idea, our simple Woodside NY moving guide will help with that. Some of the most important facts that you should know before you move besides the basic moving day dos and don’ts are:

  • You can reach Rockefeller Center in 30 minutes by transit
  • 7 train can bring you to several stations in Woodside
  • There are a couple of private and public schools here that have a very good rating.

Woodside NY moving guide – last steps

Before you actually start going to Woodside NY, you should make sure that you have everything ready. From moving company to moving boxes. And of course, if you have any important and expensive belongings, it is better to hire fine art movers NYC then to risk everything. Although Woodside seems close, you are nor properly equipped to move fine art or any other expensive items.

movers packing by Woodside NY moving guide

With great movers, you can be worry-free

Woodside has to offer a lot. A very diverse community, great commuting options, and great housing opportunities.  Woodside NY is developing, and if you are thinking about moving there- do it as soon as possible!