How to organize a yard sale in NYC before your move

Throughout the years, all of us collect a lot of things in our homes. We manage that and we always find some new hidden spots to place new items, or simply move the old ones. But what happens when we have to move and we are stuck with a lot of items that we can not place in our new home? Well, that is when the yard sale is a great solution! So, if you are one of those people and you are moving from Woodside NY to a different place and you need to organize a yard sale in NYC – we have some tips and tricks for you! Also, keep in mind that with these simple tricks you will save a lot of money for your relocation!

What is the first step when you want to organize a yard sale in NYC?

Well, the first and the most important step is to sort all of your belongings. You need to get all those stored boxes. And go through your attic or basement if you have them. You need to classify your items in a couple of categories. That way you will easily decide what should go to your yard sale in NYC before the move. If you look for movers in Woodside NY  and want to know the estimated price for your relocation – first organize a yard sale in NYC. That way – your expenses will be lower.

baby shoes that you should offer when you organize a yard sale in NY

If you have items that your child has grown out – sort them and put them on sale

What are the categories?

Well, first of all, you need to be honest with yourself. If you did not use the item in the last 2 years and you are not emotionally attached to it –  it should go to the yard sale. Some main categories are:

  • Items that you rarely use
  • Hobbies that you dropped
  • old books, CDs, records, magazines
  • things that your children have grown out
  • Things you really won’t need in your new home

These simple categories will help you to downsize your home and to relocate easier. It might seem overwhelming and a little bit hard, but this is also one of the great ways to increase your budget for relocation!

Do you need a permit to organize a yard sale in NYC?

This is a thing that you need to research. It depends on local authorities, and the best thing is to check it online and of course, check with your local authorities. Also, you can ask your moving company since they have a lot of experience with this and they might have the answer you are looking for. But, do not start with organizing yard sale before you actually check do you need a permit.

approved declined rubber sign

Don’t set a date for your yard sale before you get the permit

Decide on a date for your yard sale

This depends on where your home is located. Usually – yard sales are on Saturdays. But if you have a lot of traffic going near your home – workdays might be a great solution as well. But in general – the best time would be the first week of the month. And your yard sale should start early in the morning. Also, make sure that your yard sale is not on the same date as the relocation date. It wouldn’t be really great to have fine art movers NYC moving your valuable art and people trying to buy them. So – plan your date in advance!