Organize your storage unit like a pro: tips and tricks

Storage units have become a way of life. They are simply necessary because we do not want to throw away any of our belongings. They do fill up rather fast, though. What any of the movers in Glendale NY can tell you is that careful organization can make your storage unit store a lot more than an unorganized one. Therefore, we have for you a simple guide on how to organize your storage unit like a pro! So, let’s get started.

How To Organize Your Storage Unit Like A Pro?

You will need to do a lot of actions before your storage unit is in the perfect place. From creating an inventory list and disassembling furniture to labeling everything, here are the tips for organizing:

  • Create An Inventory List
  • Store Items In Clear Bins Instead Of Using Cardboard Boxes
  • Disassemble Furniture Before Storing
  • Place Items You Need More Frequently Towards The Front
  • Label Everything!

First things first! Create an inventory list!

Create An Inventory List

This does not serve only as an organizational tool. If you create an inventory list, you will never need to rummage through your storage unit to check if something is in there. This is the number one Manhattan Movers tip. How many times you simply do not know if something is in storage or not. Well, if you have a list you do not need to wonder. It might take you a bit of time but trust us it will be well worth it.

Store Items In Clear Bins Instead Of Using Cardboard Boxes

Another great life hack is using clear plastic bins for storing containers. This way you can see what is in them, at a glance. This will make the whole organization process a lot easier and will save you quite a bit of headache.

Organize Your Storage Unit – Disassemble Furniture Before Storing

Your furniture items will most likely take the largest amount of space. Unless they are disassembled. And that is what you need to do. Carefully dismantle your furniture so you can fold it neatly in your storage unit. It will make your future endeavors a lot easier.

living room

Disassemble furniture before storing it!

Place Items You Need More Frequently Towards The Front

This is something that many storage owners simply do not think about. There will be items in your storage unit that you simply know you will be using in a short time. Make sure that you place all of those items in the front, as you will need the minimum amount of work and time to retrieve them.

Organize Your Storage Unit – Label Everything!

While this might seem excessive, labeling everything will make organizing your storage unit a breeze. You should also use different types of moving boxes and packing materials. You can just simply look at the labels and figure out where everything is. After a while, you will start to remember labels themselves and thinking about your storage unit will bring back memories of labels. That will enhance your memory of your storage unit.