Finding packing supplies in NYC: where and how?

When people think of packing supplies they usually just think of the boxes. But it is a wider term especially if you are moving long distance. To keep all your stuff safe you will need a lot more than just boxes, or you can just improvise. We advise you on both finding packing supplies in NYC and improvise with what you already have at hand. Stuff you need and how much you have it will determine how easy or difficult your move can be.

Finding packing supplies in NYC via your moving company

Easiest decisions when finding packing supplies in NYC is to do it via your moving company. Packing supplies Queens NY has everything you need when moving. It is a simple decision if you are not into running around to get by on your own. Your moving company has everything you need for your trip. From tapes, boxes and other necessities.

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Call your movers for an easy way of
Finding packing supplies in NYC

Some are more keen on finding supplies for themselves. If you are tempted to go on a hunting spree, finding packing supplies in NYC means you will need:

  1. Sturdy boxes of various sizes
  2. Labels
  3. Tape
  4. Box cutters
  5. Markers for labeling
  6. Wrap
  7. Packing paper
  8. Gloves
  9. Blankets

The list goes on and on. As we said, the more you have, the easier the move will be. If getting them via movers or buying them isn’t an option, there is renting some packing supplies as well. Money may be tight when you are about to move especially if you just bought a property. By renting something you can save a bit of cash just in case.

Use what you have at home

As we mentioned saving money, you can do it by using what you have at home. Before movers Long Island City NY come, take a couple of blankets and hoodies out. Use them to wrap fragile items and some expensive tech. Whatever you can wrap in some piece of clothing, towels or blankets and rugs. You can add some plastic covers to protect fragile items as well as your clothes.

a packing supplies

You already have some supplies in your home!

Another great way to save money is to wrap your dishes in the newspaper. By doing this you are protecting them from breaking and damage. Plastic bags can be used to divide, protect and store cables and small pieces of electronics. If you do not have markers at hand for labeling your boxes, borrow some from your kid. Children have loads of different colored markers for school. Just borrow some to label your stuff. You bought them, so just go with it.

Fill up your luggage and trash bags with items too. Just be sure the items you put in bags are not fragile. Clothes can fit well in them and won’t damage them. For books, for instance, you can use your suitcase. It is sturdy and can withhold a lot of weight. Finding packing supplies in NYC is easy when you can get a bit creative.

Finding packing supplies online

If you are too lazy or too tired from the move to go on the task of finding packing supplies in NYC on foot, we have some good news. You can just order packing material online. Stores online have a very clear picture of what they sell. Usually, they also have a broad specter of information about their products. Order from the comfort of your soon to be ex-home, and let the others take care of it for you.

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You can find packing supplies online

Either getting them via moving company or online can ease the job for you a lot. There is already a lot on your mind because moving is stressful. Yeas, we did mention the more supplies you have the easier it is, but it is not just that. It is up to you to organize, pack, move and it can’t be done in an hour.  Take your time and inform yourself on hacks to ease your move.

Boxes from your local stores

Various sizes of moving boxes can be found in your local stores. Boxes are a necessity and you need a lot of them probably. Few days before you start packing stop by some liquor stores and markets. Announce that you will need a lot of boxes for moving and finding packing supplies in NYC is half done! It will also save you money and you will release the workers of waste.

Boxes of various sizes can be found and they are often sturdy. Used for liquids, glass and tons of other stuff they need to keep safe. Going with this as an option on one part of your packing supplies is not bad at all. It is literally a win-win situation for both you and the workers you will relief of what is waste for them.

What can you go without

What you do not need depends entirely on you and your belongings. If you are not on a long-distance move, you probably won’t need a padlock. Wraps and packing paper can also be avoided by going with towels and blankets as we mentioned. A lot of people move on a daily basis and you probably know someone to land you somethings you may need.

Finding packing supplies in NYC and spending money on them is bittersweet. You know you need it but you will throw half of that later. Do not save money on it tho by not buying enough. Running out of packing supplies in the middle of the night before you move is not a smart move.


Anything can be found and done if you do some research and be a little creative. Before you go on a mission of finding packing supplies in NYC ask around. As we mentioned, you probably know someone who has moved recently and has some to spare. Gather that, what you have around the house, what you need to buy or rent and voila! Ready for your moving day in a heartbeat! Good luck and have fun.