How to handle disputes with movers

More often than not, moving companies in Forest Hills do not receive any dispute requests. Usually what happens is that everything is fine and that everyone is quite happy. However, there are times when disputes are necessary, and for good reasons. People usually go into a rage when they need to handle disputes with movers and they serve that rage to the (by his knowledge) those responsible. But it is not every time that the moving company has done something wrong, even if there is a reason for the dispute. Below are some tips that can come useful when you have to dispute something that concerns your move.

Handle Disputes With Movers – Useful Tips

There are not many items on this list, but they are all important. If you are using the services of any residential moving companies NYC they would all like you to:

  • Check The Contract First
  • Keep It Friendly
  • File A Complaint
  • Handle Disputes With Movers – Be Patient!

Simple, right? Let’s see how this all works in a bit more detail, shall we?


Always check the contract and read everything carefully.

Check The Contract First

The first thing to do when trying to open a dispute is to check the contract. You should have read it by now but it is not a huge deal if you did not. You need to make sure that everything that you are disputing is not covered in the contract already. Read everything, read every page and letter of the contract. More often than not, you will find the proper way to deal with disputes, at least. Every company has its own policies when it comes to disputes. While they are all quite similar, they can be quite different, as well. You should also know how to recognize fraudulent movers!

Keep It Friendly

Always be calm keep a friendly tone, even if you are fuming inside. The reason for this is twofold. First, the person on the other side will not go into “defensive mode” and you will be able to get much more done. Second, harsh language can undermine the entire dispute. I mean, it is understandable that you are going through distress as you are opening a dispute but that is no excuse to start raging on other people. Especially as it is most likely that the person on the other side is not guilty of anything. Friendly needs to be a gold standard everywhere, every time. It is the standard in any sort of business, already. You will never be yelled at from the side of the movers. If you do, search for another company. Simple as that.


Even if you are angry and annoyed, you should try to stay calm and keep it friendly.

File A Complaint

You can always file an online complaint if you’ve been wronged. This takes little time and effort but you will need to have proper documentation. You can file a moving fraud complaint at FMCSA. This is usually done when you can’t reach any sort of arrangement with your movers.

Handle Disputes With Movers – Be Patient!

You also need to be aware that disputes take time. Give your movers the benefit of the doubt and let them have ample time to resolve yours. While you don’t need to wait months on end, waiting an extra week can make all the difference.