Best Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children

When you are about to move with your family, your choice becomes a bit narrower. You can no longer afford long trips to the supermarket or long commute time. Your kids and their wellbeing becomes your priority. What you are looking for in your neighborhood shifts when you have a family and someone to take care of. We managed to make a list of top Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children, to help you out.

What to consider before you decide on the neighborhood

There are some things you should have in mind when looking for Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children :

  1. Are the schools in the area good
  2. How close are the schools and your work
  3. Does the area have more families with children
  4. The neighborhoods safety
A happy family that is safe in one of the best Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children

Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children are very safe

Long island is a pretty big place. It consists of 2 counties,2 cities, and a lot of small towns and villages. Movers Long Island City NY can help you with moving, but it’s up to you to choose. We know it is a lot to choose from and that it can be a bit overwhelming. Take your time and explore all the options.

Bellmore is at the top of our  list of Long Island City neighborhoods for rent for families with children

Bellmore schools are highly rated and well respected. For instance, John F Kennedy High School is amazing and they even have a culinary course. It is recognized nationally and by the state as one of the best. The prices here are lower than usual comparing to other places in Long Island City. For a house, you will need around $500 000. That is acceptable, and if you are a bit short on cash, there are cheaper options. Your family will be just a few miles away from the beach! That is one awesome opportunity and be sure not to miss it. Growing up and living near the beach will have a positive impact on you and your family. Packing supplies Queens  NY  will provide sturdy boxes for your upcoming move. There are some adventure parks and escape rooms here as well for all family members to enjoy.

kids studying

Education is great in Bellmore


If you and your family are nature lovers, Smithtown is the neighborhood for you! This is a suburb pretty family-friendly if you ask anyone. It has even lower house prices than Bellmore, around $470,000. Also, it is suitable for young professionals so even your job is taken care of. Picking out Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children is hard when you’re still about that busy life. But, fear not, because Manhattan is just a 90-minute car ride from you! Pack up your kids’ toys and be ready to move! Take your kids to the Caleb Smith State Park to explore the natural beauty. When roaming around the park you will also stumble upon a museum of the local wildlife. That is a great opportunity to enjoy and learn with your children.

A park in the fall

Your family can enjoy beautiful parks in Smithtown


As well as Smithtown, Greenport is great for families and people in the career-making process. You can raise your family and still work your way to the top. Unlike Smithtown and Bellmore, houses here are usually rented and cost about $1500 monthly. Greenport was founded in the 1600s as a harbor and it still is today. Local restaurants and shops buy their ingredients from locals, so healthy food is not hard to find in Greenport. Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children are not that hard to find after all! And, same as Smithtown, Manhattan is close and you can even avoid the crazy traffic to it. You also have a lot to choose from when it comes to fun family-friendly activities in Greenport.

Olive oil and cherry tomatoes

Enjoy healthy food in Greenport


The quality of the schools here is amazing. Elementary, middle school or high school, doesn’t matter, they are all excellent! If you are about that suburb life but with city privileges, Roslyn is pretty much it for you and your family. You can find great job opportunities here as well and the average house income is about $100,000 a year. That pretty much seals the deal on its own. But if you want, you can find up some ways to save money before the yearly income kicks in. Here are some cheap remodeling ideas to make your house pop!


If you’re looking for one of the best Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children, this is it. Massapequa has a rural feel to it and is the top choice for active family types. People never seem to want to leave this place. Most born here are choosing to stay because of the beauty and the standard. Various schooling options are available here and the schools are excellently rated. Same as Smithtown, Massapequa is great for nature-loving families who spend their days outdoors. An active lifestyle is crucial for this place and keeps it alive. Average household income in a year is more than double of the national! Pretty much, yearly income is around $120,000 and that is more than enough for a comfortable life for young families. If you are looking to save some money on the housing, stay away from the areas around the water. The more inland you are the cheaper the homes become. Town has a strong sense of community witch adds to feeling very safe here. Family-friendly activities are all over Massapequa and your loved one will almost never be bored.

bunch of money bills rolled

Waterfront houses are very expensive


There is a lot to choose from when it comes to Long Island City neighborhoods for families with children. A lot of stuff you need to have in your mind before you move. But these neighborhoods are super fun, safe and with great schooling system for your kids. So no need to worry anymore about your choice on your next place of residence. Talk it out with your family members and hear out their wishes, then you all together decide what will be your new home!