Where to Find Free Moving Boxes in NYC?

If you plan to relocate, you will need moving boxes. And, as you probably know – moving is not always cheap. You need to plan a lot of things, and you need to gather a lot of moving supplies. So if you are thinking about how to find free moving boxes in NYC, we got a solution. There are some really easy ways to find free boxes for moving, and you will be able to save a lot of money that way. Although, if you have some delicate items that are expensive or simply need additional protection – it is better to purchase new boxes. Better safe than sorry!

How to find free moving boxes in NYC?

So, you got the date of relocation. You planned everything, and you even found your ideal Manhattan movers, but now – you need to prepare. Finding all the moving supplies can be pretty demanding and time-consuming. Especially if you do not know where to start. You might have some boxes in your home, but you will need a lot of moving boxes to relocate your whole home. So, how to actually find free moving boxes in NYC?

bunch of free moving boxes in NYC

You will need a lot of moving boxes when you are relocating

Well, you need to think out of the box and pay attention to things that you did not before. Maybe, you have a neighbor that orders a lot and usually throws away boxes. Now, when you are relocating that might actually come in handy!

Check your local store or deli

One of the first things that you should do if you want to find free boxes for moving is to check at your local store. They probably have a lot of boxes that they do not need. Talk with the staff and let them know that you need boxes since you are moving. Stores get a lot of deliveries during the week and this might be a great place for you to find moving boxes. if you feel that this is not safe, or you need some specialty boxes you can always find special packing boxes NYC and order them in a size you need.

deliveries in local stores are a great way to free moving boxes in NYC

Local deli stores can be a great source of free moving boxes

Craigslist can be a great source

A lot of people move in and out of New York daily. Craigslist is a source of a lot of adds, and you can actually often see people giving away their moving boxes for free. Simply, they do not need them and they want free space in their new home. Also, once you moved you can give those boxes to the next person. So keep an eye on them, and try to save them as much as possible.

Local retail stores can be a great source for free moving boxes in NYC

Local retails can be a great source for some specific boxes. And, we are sure you probably have some liquor stores near you. These boxes can be used for packing fragile items, you just need to make sure to choose the right size of the boxes. The same goes for bookstores – they will probably have a lot of very sturdy boxes. All you need to do is to talk with the staff, and we are sure they will gladly assist you!