Ways to earn money while moving

Moving is quite expensive most of the time. You have to pay for all the extra services for all kinds of things you are probably well aware of. Fragile items, moving a piano or other musical instruments and so on. How would you feel if we told you that there are ways to earn money while moving? Our good guess is that you would be thrilled to know that! We know that most people struggle with maintaining their budget while moving. That is why we compiled a list of ways which were approved by the experts on the matter. Let’s see what you can do!

Earn money while moving
Money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to earn money while moving!

Having a garage sale

This has benefits on both ends. You will earn money, and get rid of extra weight for your move. Getting rid of extra weight for your move will reduce the estimate. Therefore, a garage sale is a great way to earn some money while moving. There are some tips and tricks to having a successful garage sale, and we will go through them now.

  • Advertising your sale – A vital part of your garage sale succeeding is to advertise it properly. You should think about ways to get the word around the town. A good way to do so is to print out flyers and posters. Take the flyers and hand them out to neighbors and passers-by. You can even give this assignment to your kids if you are moving with kids. Keeping them involved is a good idea! Another way to advertise your sale is to create an event on social media. When you do this, you will be astonished by the number of people who will hear about your sale.
  • Making proper organization – A crucial part of your garage sale to make a good organization. This means that you should know what items are most likely to sell and at a nice price. Put the more valuable items that you know will probably sell, in the back. This will make people walk through your wholesale and check everything out before getting to the most valuable items.
  • Do not be afraid to barter – It may be hard to sell something at a lower price, but it can be worth it. See how that will affect your overall weight of the move. If the price at which you sell the item is good compensation compared to the addition of cost when the moving day comes, go for it. If the customer suggests a really low price, then you should consider if that is OK for you. You may want to sell the item online if you are not happy with the suggested price.

Selling the items online

This is a great way to sell all those niche items that nobody wanted to buy at your garage sale. It also offers a much larger audience so you may even sell some things at higher prices than you would at your sale. Websites such as eBay offer services such as this. Make sure to check it out!

money falling from the sky
You are going to see a lot of these if you read this article well!

Some other ways to earn money while moving

If you still have not managed to sell everything you wanted to during your garage sale, worry not! There are still some ways to sell those items. We will now list the type of item, and how you can sell it.

Selling furniture

You can sell your furniture online or at a consignment store. Consignment stores, or second-hand stores, are stores that sell used things. So, if you want to sell your couch or queen sized bed, make sure to check out what they can offer you. Most consignment stores take your items and put them up on 30% of the retail price. You get about 50% of that value if the furniture is sold. However, every consignment store has its own ways of doing business, so you may be able to negotiate a better price than that. If you need help moving your furniture to these stores, check out some local movers NYC. Moving companies usually offer services such as moving your furniture to and from point A to point B.

If you have some really high-class furniture and do not think that consignment stores can offer you enough, you can try some specialty stores such as Chairish. However, if you live in a highly populated city such as New York, you are probably going to wait. So, sooner you list your vintage furniture for sale, the better.

Selling clothes

Consignment stores are also great when you want to sell clothes. Most stores will offer you a decent price for your used items. However, this will, of course, depend on the wear and tear the item has sustained. A great way to earn money while moving! Another thing you can do is to ship your clothes to online consignment stores. They will put up these clothes on their website, and send you a cut if they manage to sell it.

thrift shop
Sell your clothes at consignment stores

Selling electronics to earn money while you are moving

If you find yourself hoarding on all the old phones and electronics, this may be the solution for you. Look for a pawn shop in your town, and try your luck there. If you are not satisfied with the offer, try looking online for shops that may offer you something better.  Another cool way to sell your old electronics is to take them to an ecoATM. EcoATMs are machines that automatically analyze your electronics and give you cash for it right away. Of course, you can decline the offer and get your item back. However, if you decide to take your old electronics with you, you will need to pack them well, along with your other belongings hughesairco.com. There are a lot of packing services NYC that can do the job for you.


If you made it this far, you have probably made decisions on how to earn money while moving. Use this guide to the fullest and we hope that we have helped you in your moving endeavor. Good luck!

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