Using storage during military deployment

There are simply so many occasions when using a storage unit comes in handy. Some people need it during their moving process. It’s very common that you don’t have enough room in your new place for all your possessions. Some, on the other hand, need only short-term storage. There are also people who are going away for a while and don’t really know what to do with their belongings. Commonly, a military way of life means having to change your place of residence from time to time. And this is precicely why using storage for military deployment is a wonderful idea. Professional military moving companies will surely advise you to use storage units for keeping your items safe while you are away. So why not use the opportunity?

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The military way of life means moving around a lot, which means packing and unpacking aplenty.

Why do people use storage during military deployments

The answer is simple, to say the least. Anyone who moves and changes his or her place of residence often needs storage facilities available. It’s not easy moving around so often. And you need to be able to leave some of your belongings behind knowing that they will remain safely stored, regardless of how long you’ll be deployed for. Moving is usually difficult, especially if it is interstate relocation. This is why you need to have some constant in your life. And renting or owning a storage unit gives you this option.

Before you start using storage facilities

If you or a member of your family live a military way of life, this means that by now you have most likely gotten used to moving. And this means that you’ve probably packed and unpacked countless times so far. But since you’ll be using storage during military deployment this time, perhaps it’s time to do some decluttering. Why bother? you might ask. It’s a somewhat reasonable call if you think about it. Moving around as often as you do makes packing and unpacking a real hassle. And clearly – the less you own, the less you’ll need to pack. So before you buy or rent a storage unit, try to declutter your belongings a bit. How can you do this as efficiently as possible?

  • Create an essentials box. There are things you just can do without. So make sure you have a separate box of your personal belongings that you’ll need every time you change your location.
  • Make a list. A short inventory of everything you plan to pack and/or store will help you separate the stuff you don’t need anymore.
  • Donate. It’s always nice to help those in need. And you’ll have a win-win situation, getting rid of the things that have been weighing you down and giving them away to someone who needs them.
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You will find it easier to keep track of your packed, as well as stored belongings if you create an inventory.

How to choose the right storage unit

In order to make the most out of using storage during military deployment, it is essential that you choose the right kind of storage unit. If you’ve never had to use storage facilities so far, you might be slightly confused. But don’t worry, you should have no problems choosing the most suitable storage for your needs. Most Bronx movers that offer storage or other moving services will be happy to help you out. What are the things you should pay attention to when choosing your storage unit?

Size of the storage unit

If you’ve made the inventory list of all the things you plan to have stored during your military deployment, you should have no problems deciding how big your storage unit should be. Naturally, choosing a storage unit that is too small brings the risk of damaging your possessions. On the other hand, choosing storage that’s too large is simply a waste of your money.

You might want to think about insurance

You can never be too careful. And if you plan to absent for a more extended period of time (depending on how long you are being deployed for), you might want to consider having insurance for your stored items. Talk to one of the reliable moving companies NYC and see what sort of coverage you can provide for your belongings.

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If you own any pieces of art, you might want to consider storing them inside a climate-controlled storage unit. This will keep them from getting any sort of damage.

Do your belongings require a climate-controlled storage unit?

Depending on what sort of items you plan to store, you might want to consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit. If your belongings need to be protected from heat/cold/humidity then a climate-controlled storage unit is the perfect choice for you. There are items that need special conditions, and this is especially true if you want to store electronics or valuable documents.

You’ll always have a short-term storage option

If you are not quite sure whether renting a storage unit is the right thing for you – rent one short-term. This means that you can try and see if having your items stored suits your needs. Especially during deployment periods. But you’ll most likely be more than satisfied with this option.

In the end, it’s safe to say that using storage during military deployment is virtually unavoidable. There’s just no way you can take all your items with you every single time you move. And let’s face it – working in military means moving a lot. So try to make things easier on yourself. Get a storage unit and you’ll be able to move without any problems. All you need to do is find a reliable moving and storage company and you’ll be good to go. Your next deployment will be so much easier.