Turning your spare room into a gym

Everyone knows exercise is great for body and soul. It builds character, willpower, a great body and is huge stress relief. But we all know it is sometimes too hard to make yourself go to the gym. You may think you do not look presentable that day. Or it is just a hell of bad weather to even consider getting out for whatever reason. Either way, turning your spare room into a gym is a fantastic idea. It will spare you so much time for not leaving your home. And plus, you will not have the reason to skip your routine.


Cleaning up the room

Give a call to movers Staten Island to help you get your stuff to maybe your parents as a gift. Maybe you’ve found your old toys or other memories that may make your mom happy to have. The stuff you’re going to keep, you need to relocate around the house. Find a place for it according to its use, and place them in your rooms evenly.

A woman cleaning before Turning your spare room into a gym

Before turning your spare room into a gym, start by cleaning it first

Start by cleaning up the space you intend to make into a gym. Throw away all the items you no longer need. Try not to be too selective about it. Literally throw out anything you no longer use, so it doesn’t take up space in other areas of the house. An easy way to get a few boxes you need is to just ask your local supermarket for them. Drop by early in the morning and ask them for a few boxes if they have to spare. They probably have a ton of them because the goods arrive early in the morning. Turning your spare room into a gym doesn’t have to be expensive!

Turning your spare room into a gym must include redecorating

So, you would probably want to proceed with a paint job. After you’re done cleaning it is time for a few coats of paint. Not only will the room look tidier, but it is also important to paint for hygienic reasons. If you have some art to relocate before that contact fine art movers NYC just to be safe. Now leave all the doors and windows open to make sure it dries quickly.

A plan of a room

You will probably have to remodel and redecorate a bit

You will probably need some clever storage space. We recommend to either buy or make some shelves. To just leave all the weights, rubbers and equipment on the floor is just messy. Make sure your walls can withstand the weight of it. If not, just place them on the floors in the corner of the room, easy for access, and not in the way.


Padded floors

Your local gym probably has padded floors in the weights area. It is a smart move when turning your spare room into a gym. Padded floors will keep safe your marble or wooden floors underneath. A time may come when you will need to reorganize, and it’s a hassle to repair the damage that may occur. So it would be a smart move to add those. You should also be careful when moving stuff around during renovation. Read online about some tricks on how to keep the floors safe.

yoga mats

Use different floor mats to protect the floor

Also, when working out, soft flooring has some benefits. It is good for your knees and ankles as it absorbs your movements. Exercise done on your back and stomach will be much more pleasant to withstand. If a fall occurs, it will also probably be less painful. But try and be careful not to hurt yourself when you move around and redecorate. Injuries often occur but there are ways to find out how to be careful to avoid injuries.


Equipment for your workout area

So, you’re finally done with some of the hard work, and now it is time to chose. You are probably experienced in working out so you know your routine. Start by writing up all the exercises you normally do and divide them into areas of the body. Probable necessities when turning your spare room into a gym are:

  1. A flat bench
  2. Some weight plates
  3. Dumbells of various weight
  4. Olympic barbell
  5. A yoga mat
  6. Punching bag
  7. Mirrors
A woman at the gym looking at the mirror

Mirrors are very important when training

A lot of exercises can be done with the items we listed. Find exercise examples online, and get ready to drop a sweat.  Mirrors are super important in the process of turning your spare room into a gym. By looking at yourself n the mirror you can see what you may be doing wrong or right. Posture is highly important when working out. If your posture is bad there is a risk you may get hurt. Also, you will get to look at your great body all the time and be super proud!

Also, lighting is a great investment, and important for tracking progress. It would be a bit hard to look in the mirror and see progress with poor lightning. Ceiling lightning would be a good option because it doesn’t cast weird shades, unlike lamps.

Remember to stay hydrated

Every gym addict knows water is the key. Keeping yourself hydrated is valuable for you and your progress. Maybe it would be a good idea to invest in a minifridge in your working out area. A sip of cold water gives you back your energy after a hard set, and keeps you going! You can also use it to store some fresh snacks for mid training. Stop to have a banana to keep you going till the end. Don’t deny yourself that pleasure.

Now you’re all set and ready to go! Those summer body goals are not going to get themselves. We hope we have helped you in turning your spare room into a gym. Having a home gym is also great for making friends. Invite your neighbor to your place, and get in shape together. If you are on a tight schedule, training can also be about spending quality time with friends and family. There are just so many benefits to having a home gym!