Top NYC neighborhoods for millennials

Each day, the number of young people who are moving to New York is rising. This fact shouldn’t be a surprise – it’s a dream come true for many. However, in reality, living in NYC can be very expensive, especially for 20-somethings who have just started earning a salary and living on their own. Whether or not they’re getting help from their parents, finding an apartment in the Big Apple is not easy. You don’t want to live with a lot of roommates, but you can’t afford a cool Central Park penthouse yet. You’re in luck – we’re here to help you find what are the top NYC neighborhoods for millennials. With our help, you’ll be moving to a perfect place in no time!

First of all, think about your needs

Of course, you want to find an affordable place to live. Believe us, we all do. However, you don’t want to end up in a cheap apartment which is in a really bad location. It would be such a hassle having to commute to work for hours every day.

Even though there are subway lines throughout the City, pick a neighborhood close to your office so you don't have to commute for long.

Try to find a neighborhood which is close to your office to avoid a long daily commute.

Also, even though the crime rate is as low it has ever been, there are still places you wouldn’t feel safe in, especially at night. Every neighborhood in The City of Dreams has its own perks, and not each would suit millennials. You definitely want to find that perfect combination of a good location and an active, yet safe, surrounding area. (To be honest, it would probably be harder to find a boring neighborhood in NYC!)

Astoria remains one of the top NYC neighborhoods for millennials

We know, it’s in Queens. Not as trendy as Manhattan, but hear us out. It is a very large and diverse neighborhood, as it is full of Italian and Greek immigrants. This means you will always be only a few steps away from delicious Greek food! If it’s very important to you to be in close proximity of Manhattan, don’t worry. Astoria is only a 15-minute subway ride away from Midtown Manhattan. What’s most important for millennials, it’s possible to find an affordable spot in this NYC neighborhood. A one-bedroom apartment can be found for less than $2,000 a month, which is amazing, considering typical NYC rent prices. There are plenty of good things about moving to Queens, especially if you choose Astoria!

Salad bowl.

Astoria is the perfect neighborhood for authentic Greek cuisine.

No list would be complete without Brooklyn

When you’re discussing which are the perfect NYC neighborhoods for millennials, you simply cannot overlook Brooklyn. Yes, it’s a classic, maybe even a clich√©, but there are good reasons for it. However, in recent years, Brooklyn has changed and so have its rent prices. Parts of this popular NYC neighborhood have become too expensive, especially for millennials.

Dumbo is an NYC neighborhood swarming with millennials

However, Brooklyn’s industrial area became quite popular recently, particularly one with a name resembling a famous cartoon character, Dumbo. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge is actually where this neighborhood got its name from, and it became a hotspot in Brooklyn. It’s so close to Manhattan, and the high-rise buildings in this area offer amazing views. Dumbo is full of young creatives, and if you are an artsy type, this might just be the perfect NYC neighborhood for you! About 20% of the workforce in the Dumbo area are people in the arts. There are also great fine art movers NYC who can safely transport your art to your new apartment! So, if you’re an aspiring artist, or you’re working in the tech industry, Dumbo may be your top choice.

Dumbo - one of the best NYC neighborhood for millennials.

Dumbo is a perfect NYC neighborhood for aspiring young artists.

Don’t forget the hipster capital – Williamsburg

This trendy NYC neighborhood has come a long way since being named the hipster capital of the world, or at least this side of Portland. It is still full of vintage stores, bars, and Instagram-worthy brunch spots, but it became a little bit glitzier in the last few years. The North Side of Williamsburg feels more like Manhattan now, but the South Side still has that alternative vibe. Due to its popularity, rent prices can be quite high in this neighborhood. Still, this remains one of the top NYC neighborhoods for youngsters and millennials, and maybe even one of the trendiest in the whole country! The only downside may be the possible L train shutdown, which will last for 15 months! Don’t worry, there are still ways you could survive without this subway line.

Bushwick may be the new artsy NYC neighborhood for millennials

Williamsburg’s friendly neighbor, Bushwick, is an up-and-coming neighborhood in Brooklyn. Never heard of it? Well, did you know that it was a beer capital in the 19th century? Even though all the breweries have since closed, Bushwick has experienced a kind of a renaissance in the past few years. Old factory facades have turned into canvases for street artists and this little Brooklyn neighborhood is now famous for its murals and cool street art.

Graffiti on the wall.

Book a tour of Bushwick street art and find all the hidden gems in this trendy NYC neighborhood.

Millennials are all over this trendy NYC neighborhood

It belongs to the group of more affordable NYC neighborhoods for millennials, since its brother, Williamsburg has raised its rent prices. Because of that, Bushwick is full of young people, and for good reasons. If you decide to move to this area, here are just a few things which you could do:

  • Check out the street art – warehouse walls in Bushwick may prove to be more interesting than some of NYC’s museums!
  • Go book shopping – as most millennials are on a tight budget, they would be happy to hear that Bushwick has three local bookstores which sell used books.
  • Visit a brewery – after all the old breweries closed down, a new one opened just a few years ago. If you’re into beer and want to learn more about the brewing history of this neighborhood, you can also take a Bushwick brewing tour!
  • Watch a movie while eating dinner – tired of snacking on popcorn in the cinema? There’s a movie theater here which allows you to eat a fine dinner while watching classic or new indie movies. If you ask us, it sounds like a perfect place for a first date!

So, don’t worry, there are plenty of NYC neighborhoods for millennials and DA Moving NYC loves all of them! Pack your bags and get going – you will enjoy your time at the Big Apple!