Tips for moving to NYC with a dog

Moving To New York City With a Dog

Moving with all your possessions is one of the most difficult tasks you might have to deal with. The process is not only exhausting but will also take a lot of your time. It becomes more challenging when you are moving with a pet, such as a dog- and worse when you have more than one. However, with a few pointers, the process might be smooth and with little or no challenges. 

Tips for Moving To New York City With a Dog

Moving to NYC can prove to be quite an overwhelming experience. Adding your beloved dog to the mix makes the process that much more complicated. Here are some tips you can utilize to help make moving to NYC with a dog easier.

Make moving preparations before the set day

When moving with a dog, especially to the city, you will have to find an appropriate way to transport them. It is not advisable to have the dog in your car, as controlling them might not be easy. The dog might interfere with your driving and, in adverse cases, may cause an accident. 

Keeping its environment familiar as much as possible

Dogs find it quite difficult to adapt to changes, and hence a move is hectic for them. Therefore, drastic and sudden changes should be avoided. You should maintain your feeding schedule or walk time. You will also have to keep it in an unpacked room familiar to it while you continue with the packing. 

Avoid changes that may cause panic in the dog

Changes such as moving to new homes may lead the dog to throw tantrums or make a fuss. You will have to find a way to make it calm all through until the set date. You can do this by limiting its access to areas in the house where moving preparations are made. 

Look up regulations on pets in New York City

Regulations are important to avoid instances when your dog is on the wrong side of the law. For instance, the dog might be required to have a leash at all times- so that it’s not confused with a stray dog. It might also require getting shots and vaccinations against specific dog infections that are available. A visit to the vet might also be required to check the condition of the dog once you arrive in the city. 

Develop a new routine for the dog

Before or after moving to New York with a dog, you might have to look up areas that you can take the dog for a walk. For example, you can check on parks or pet centers in the area next to the city. You might also have to find a pet centre where you may leave the dog when you are away for some time- leaving the dog alone at home makes it lonely, and this isn’t a good idea. 

Moving to New York with a dog will not be any challenge if you follow the above pointers. Instead, you will find the process fairly smooth and with the least of hiccups. You will also find living in New York with a dog quite pleasing and less stressful as you can always take it for walks in the park. Similarly, there are pet centers where you can leave your dog for the day as you head to work. 

Another great way to avoid the hassle when moving to NYC with a dog is to hire a moving company to take care of the moving process for you so you have plenty of time to keep your dog entertained. If you are looking for reliable and professional movers in NYC contact DA Moving today. Our team of friendly movers will ensure that your upcoming move goes off without a hitch.