Tips for hiring reliable piano movers

Moving is never an easy feat – but once you add specialty items into the mix, it can often become a nightmare! There is a lot that goes into a move, and packing often takes up a lot of the time. So, when you need to pack special items, like pool tables and pianos, the days you spend packing turn into weeks. This is because these items are usually huge, heavy and oddly shaped. You need special packing materials for them. Basically, you want to do everything in your power to stop damages from happening, because these can often hurt your budget quite a lot. One of the best things you can do is hiring reliable piano movers. Finding the right local movers NYC to move your piano means you don’t need to worry about it. However, finding these movers might not be as easy as it seems.

What traits to look for when hiring reliable piano movers

Wherever you are looking for them, professional and reliable movers will have the same traits. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about piano movers Queens or Brooklyn – a piano is a piano, so good movers need to be the same as well! But what are these traits – you might ask?

  • professional piano movers have the right training and experience;
  • hiring reliable piano movers means getting the people with the right equipment;
  • they need to offer good insurance policies to you;
  • looking for a storage unit is never a bad thing, too.

Training and experience is a must when hiring reliable piano movers

One of the most important things you need to look into when searching for good piano movers is their experience. This is an obvious thing to look for – but how can you know just how experienced a piano mover is? Well, one of the ways is to simply ask them. Talking to the moving company is always a must during any more! You can thoroughly discuss the moving plans, your expectations and fears, and figure everything out. They can also tell you about any trainings and educations their workers go through so they can give you a better moving experience.

A pencil and a notebook

Ask about how well-trained the movers are.

Another way is to also screen the moving company through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. All you need to do is enter their DOT number and look for how long they have been in business. This is also where you can check if people ever had any complaints about them.

Equipment is important when moving

Another thing to keep in mind when hiring reliable piano movers is that the right equipment is a must! Moving a piano is tough and often dangerous too! You need people with experience in lifting heavy things, but you cannot do the job without the right equipment. There are dollies that you need, ramps if you have stairs, lifting belts and ropes, security items, etc. Talk to your movers about what they use for moving to discover what type of equipment they have.

Talk to your movers about the insurance policies

Another great way you can know you are hiring reliable piano movers is by talking to them about the insurance they offer to you. This is an important facet of any move. You do not want to give your expensive piano to people who don’t guarantee their safety. Without insurance, you will have to pay for all the damages and repairments. When it comes to pianos, this can be quite a lot!

security is important when hiring reliable piano movers

Make sure your piano is secure when moving!

So, while talking about the packing services with your movers, also make sure to ask them about the insurance policies for said packing. Ask them what type of insurance they offer, and if you will get the full refund if something happens. Also, make sure to talk to them about their plans for the move so you will know exactly who you are working with.

Having storage is important to piano movers, too

Do you need to look into storage solutions when hiring reliable piano movers? Well, some people don’t think you need to do this. They believe that once the movers take your items, they don’t stop until the truck reaches your home. However, oftentimes, the move just doesn’t unfold this way. From time to time, movers just need to deposit your items into storage overnight – even during moves that are not long-distance relocations.

This is why it’s important to talk to the movers and figure out what kind of storage they offer. If the movers are transporting instruments often, then they will have one prepared for this occasion. And since storing a piano is never easy – if the movers are ready to do it, you will know you are working with someone reliable and professional.

How to find a reliable moving company?

So, once you know all the traits of a good piano mover, you might ask how to go about hiring reliable piano movers. Well, this can unfold in pretty much the same way it would for regular movers. You can first ask people you know about their moving experience. They can give you helpful tips and tricks, or tell you which company to steer clear from.

hiring reliable piano movers online can work

If your friends come up short, try searching for a good moving company online.

If that doesn’t give any results, then you need to try hiring reliable piano movers online. However, when looking for a moving company online, it’s important to note whether or not they offer piano moving services. Then, once you find a couple of companies that seem satisfactory, you can visit review websites and read up on them. Only after you are satisfied with what you find there should you call the company and test them for the traits of reliable piano movers.