Tips for hiring pool table movers in Queens

There is nothing worse on your moving day than having to lift heavy items. You can bare through the endless parade of boxes, packing materials, and similar items – that’s easy enough. All of it really pales to compare to when it comes to having to lift a pool table or your grandfather’s old clock. This is a perfect time, however, to call piano movers Queens – or similar specialty moving service. These are the people with the most experience in lifting heavy items. So, they will know exactly what tools to use, how to lift it – and what’s more – how to safely get it to your new home. But what should you know about them before you hire them? Well, in this article, find out what the most important tips for hiring pool table movers are.

When hiring pool table movers, consider the type of services you will need

The first thing you need to figure out when looking for local movers NYC is what the services they offer are, and what you will need. Sometimes, you can do the packing by yourself, and all they need to do is pick up the boxes and transport them. Other times, you will let your movers handle everything – from logistics planning, over packing and moving to the unpacking. Depending on your needs and skills, you will get the movers that can best help you.

pool table - Hiring pool table movers is always a good idea

Hire pool table movers to help you with this heavy item.

The same logic applies to hiring pool table movers. You will need to think about exactly what services you need, and then you can look for movers who offer them. Even better, you can find movers that offer all of them, and then work with them to coordinate the process!

Full-service movers

When you have no idea what to do about moving your pool table, then hiring pool table movers who offer full-service deal is your best choice. These people will do any single task which is connected to your furniture and the move. They are the ones who will come over and disassemble the table for you, then they will pack it up and secure it, and finally transport it. What’s more, they will also assemble it all back up in your new home.

pool table

Worry not about a thing with full-service pool table movers.

As you can probably tell, these are the best option for those who are not fans of manual labor. With them, you won’t have to do any of it! They are also the best people to call if you don’t have any experience with disassembling and moving a pool table. What’s more, since packing the table right is a priority, using their packing services will be an added bonus in the safety of your items.

However, the major drawback of this type of movers is their cost. Still, for that money, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and stress! What’s more, damaging a pool table can cost a lot more than the movers. It all evens out in the long run!

Hiring pool table movers for moving and transporting

The second type of movers doesn’t involve their packing services. When you are confident you can disassemble your pool table – or have friends who can do it for you – then you might need only residential moving services. This time around it is you who packs up the table. The movers come to your home, load it onto the truck and move it to your new home.

This is a cheaper way to go – but be careful. You can seriously hurt yourself if you go wrong about disassembling furniture. What’s more, some movers will not allow insurance for the things you packed yourself or the items that are not packed well. Make sure you talk about your moving company about everything before signing any agreement.

Transportation services

Finally, there are companies that can offer you only transportation of your pool table. You will need to take care of disassembling and packing it, but also lifting it onto the vehicle. This is the cheapest service you can get, but there are a lot of things to keep in mind. First, the same rules for packing apply as above. What’s more, lifting heavy objects can lead to serious injuries – so be careful!

What to look for when hiring pool table movers

So now that you know the various services they offer, let’s look into how you can screen companies when hiring pool table movers. First, every company needs to have the proper paperwork. This can vary from state to state, and it also depends on whether you are moving locally or you are going through a long distance move. Still, there is some sort of license that a company needs to have. Usually, a branch of the Department of Transportation called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will issue licenses and unique numbers to each company, which you can ask for and use to screen the company online.

pool table

What should you look for when hiring pool table movers?

The next thing you should look into when hiring pool table movers are the reviews. First, make sure you go to a trusted and reliable reviewing website. Then, find the companies you are looking to hire and read up on them. There are still things to remember here as well. First, some fraudulent movers find ways to game the system and get only 5-star shining reviews. If something seems odd to you – then it probably is. Also, remember that a company that worked for many years just has to run into a couple of unsatisfied customers. So, don’t discount those with a couple of bad reviews. Just make sure to talk to them about it for a good moving experience!