Tips for avoiding traffic jams in NYC

New York City has many things that make it beautiful. The people here are great, there is so much to see and do, and you will never be bored. However, all these perfect days after moving to New York will be ruined the moment you get stuck in traffic. Even though there are tales of no one ever driving in New York City, traffic jams are something that happens on a daily basis. They will not only slow you down but can ruin both your plans and your very perfect day. But is there a way of avoiding traffic jams in NYC? Can you do something to always be on time for a meeting, and never get stuck behind the wheel? Find out in this article!

Planning your route carefully is a great way of avoiding traffic jams in NYC

This might seem like an obvious thing, but you can easily avoid traffic jams by carefully planning your trip. First, before you head outside, turn on the radio. This is where you will hear about the traffic in the city in the traffic reports. Television channels often do these too every morning and afternoon – to help both working people and local movers NYC. If it sounds like things might get crazy soon, then start figuring out another route to take.

Using GPS and other apps

Your GPS can be of great help at avoiding traffic jams in NYC too! When getting a GPS system, make sure that it has a built-in traffic flow monitor. This way, the system will tune into the traffic reports and plan the route for you! If it is something less sophisticated, then it can tell you about the upcoming traffic jams, so you can pick an alternative route. So, in order not to be stuck in the traffic, look up all the functions your GPS has – and search for traffic monitoring one. This way, you will be able to commute in NYC with no trouble!

a phone

GPS and phones can be a great tool for avoiding traffic jams in NYC.

If you do not have a GPS system, then your phone can help with avoiding traffic jams in NYC just as well! A lot of the apps you can get from the store will have navigation tools your GPS has. This way, you don’t even need to invest in a GPS system. All you need to do is find the right app, and you will be ready to go! However, there is one thing that you need to be careful about! Never check your phone while driving! Before you start, plan out your routes – and only then start your vehicle.

Use the right lanes when driving

Another way of avoiding traffic jams in NYC is to know exactly which lanes and roads to take. First, look for HOV lanes whenever you can. Of course, these High Occupancy Vehicles lanes require you to have at least one passenger in the car. This means that there will usually be fewer cars on them. However, it also means that you should bring a friend over to carpool.

a city map

Carefully plan which roads you will take to avoid all traffic jams.

If there are no HOV lanes on your route, then you should examine all the ways in which you can get to your destination. Sometimes, the closest route might not be the fastest one. People usually tend to take it – and with it, they create traffic jams. So, taking an alternative route might actually be the faster way to go, because there will be fewer cars taking it to your destination.

A great way to find out about alternative routes, but also learn about New York traffic, is to talk to people. When moving to Manhattan getting tips on how to get around can be a great conversation starter. This way, you can learn about the traffic – but also get a chance to make new friends from your neighbors and colleges!

Avoiding traffic jams in NYC by changing up your plans

When everything else fails, there is always one thing you can do – try to avoid the rush hour. This is usually when most of the traffic jams in NYC will happen. Early mornings and late afternoons are the target hours. This is when people are heading to work or going back home, so, if you have somewhere to travel to in New York, try to avoid them. If you start only half an hour earlier, then you are raising the odds of avoiding traffic jams in NYC by quite a large margin.

metro can be of great help for avoiding traffic jams in NYC

You can switch up your commuting game and jump on a train instead of a car.

The other thing that you can do is to join the army of New Yorkers using the New York City public transportation system. Even though you will often be crammed with all sorts of people inside a train, you are sure to miss a traffic jam this way. If you need to travel far to work every day, then this is a great way in which you can save yourself some valuable time.

What’s more, it’s not only the trains you can take! Buses are often designed to help with avoiding traffic jams in NYC, too, so you can take one as well! People often do not realize this. Bigger cities mean a well-planned metro, after all. However, New York has a number of buses which serve many, many routes. Make sure you learn more about them before heading into the traffic. This knowledge will come useful, and you will avoid traffic jams in no time!