The different types of moving boxes you can use

The moving process can be daunting, especially for those people who are moving for the first time. When you start relocating, and when you realize how much you actually don’t know about it, panic can easily creep in. Compared to everything, finding the right house/apartment can seem like the easiest task of all! Ask your family, friends, neighbors and moving professionals where to start and what do you need to know. For example, there is a complete list of packing supplies Queens NY you need to purchase. One of them are boxes for all your stuff. Believe it or not, but suitcases and plain cardboard boxes you took from the supermarket aren’t the only options for packing your things! There are many different types of moving boxes you can use for your move. Read on and see which ones you can get for your belongings.

Various kinds of regular moving boxes

Based on the items which you can put in them, there are a few different sizes for regular cardboard boxes. Each can carry a certain amount and is suited for many things that can be packed in them. First of all, think about all the stuff you need to pack in boxes. Not everything will need to be in boxes; for example, you can pack your clothes in your suitcases and utilize the storage space to the maximum. However, things like books and dishes usually go in moving boxes.

Three different sizes of common cardboard boxes

  • Small boxes. This box is also known as “a book box” because it is perfect for storing small but heavy objects such as books. Other things you can pack in them are shoes, canned goods, small appliances, tools, lamps, CDs and much more. In the United States, small moving boxes are usually 1.5 cubic feet.
  • Medium boxes. Moving professionals have also given this box an alternate name. They call it the “all-purpose” box, because of its convenient size and the weight it can carry. As you can guess, it is the most popular moving box, due to the fact that you can put pretty much anything in it. From pots and pans to electronics and toys, this 3 cubic feet box is perfect for it all!
  • Large boxes. The larger the box, the lighter items in it should be. Nobody wants to sustain injuries while carrying super-heavy boxes and crates. Of course, for those heavier ones you can always use a moving dolly, but you should only use it when absolutely necessary. These large moving boxes are most often used for storing bulky but light items, such as pillows, blankets, coats, rugs, comforters and big stuffy toys. These are 6 to 6.5 cubic feet, but they shouldn’t weigh more than 50 pounds.

    Boxes on a dolly.

    Use a moving dolly to avoid injuries while carrying really large and heavy boxes.

Different types of moving boxes based on their content

Now that we have covered the possible sizes of your square-shaped boxes, there are other interesting and innovative options you can use. The moving industry is constantly developing and improving, and you can easily see this in the wide selection of boxes they offer for their clients. They think of all of the specific moving needs their clients might have!


These are moving boxes specially designed to store dishes. They come with cell dividers so that your plates and bowls don’t hit against each other on the bumpy roads. There are also multiple layers of sturdy cardboard to make sure nothing breaks during transport. Dishpacks are perfect for storing all of your kitchenware and valuable antique china.

Wardrobe boxes

If you ask your movers in Woodhaven NY, they will say that these are the most interesting boxes out there. If you don’t want to fold your clothes, stack them in boxes, just to unpack them and realize they are wrinkled, these boxes are for you. They are perfect for clothes, drapes or curtains you want to remain hanging during transport. Inside, there is a bar on which you can hang your items, and they are then specially labeled, so they remain standing in the truck. Tip: if you don’t want to spend additional money on wardrobe boxes, there is a trick to keeping all your clothes on the rack during the move. Bundle a couple of items with hangers together and slip them inside a large trash bag. Leave the hooks outside, tighten the bag around them and that’s it. No more folding and storing in boxes!

Clothes on a hanger.

Don’t want your clothes to get wrinkled during the move? Use wardrobe boxes and leave them on hangers!

Mirror boxes

These types of boxes come in many different sizes and are perfect for packing things which are very fragile. Such items are mirrors, framed pictures, glass tabletops and so on. Transporting your valuable art is easier when you can protect them using these boxes. Even non-superstitious people don’t want a cracked mirror after the move!

Mattress boxes

If you’re moving locally or quickly, and wish to set up your mattress right away, you probably don’t need these boxes. But, if you’re moving long distance or even abroad, and your mattress will be in storage for a while, they may be a good idea. Mattress boxes come in various sizes, from crib ones to king-size. They serve to protect your mattress from possible punctures and other elements which may damage it in the long run.

A teddy bear on the bed.

Mattresses of any size can easily be protected by using a mattress box.

There are different types of moving boxes for all your needs

All your items require different levels of protection throughout the moving process. Based on this, they have created a whole new range of moving boxes which can store and keep your belongings safe. For more extreme cases, most moving companies can create a personalized moving crate for very fragile and precious items. If you’re moving antiques, chandeliers or just very awkwardly shaped objects, be sure to order a custom crate from your movers. Whatever your needs may be, there are different types of moving boxes for each of them. One thing is sure – contact us and we will make sure all your things arrive safe and sound to your new home.