Should you clean an apartment before or after moving in?

Should you clean an apartment before or after you move in?

Moving is a task that might be quite tedious and challenging, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. For instance, you might not know when to clean your new house, before or after moving in. 

When should you clean your apartment? Before moving into your new home, it is advised that you clean it first. This will save you from the trouble of dealing with several unforeseen issues after settling in. For instance, you might not have to deal with diseases and infections that arise from a dirty environment. 

Your new home needs to have that fresh feeling once you settle in, and it is not always the case when you move in. It may have that smell of repairs done after the former tenant used it or the smell of paint that is yet to dry. You can save yourself from dealing with such by taking your time and performing a thorough cleaning before settling in. 

Cleaning the apartment before moving in will certainly work for you as it will help keep your possession well clean. Your items will not get soiled by the dirt that the new house will be having. If you unpack before cleaning, your items might also get dirty, and hence you will have to clean them too. This is quite tiring!

Should you clean an apartment before moving in?

Taking time to clean before moving in also provides you with space and the ability to clean with ease. You can maximize your cleaning when the house is empty versus when it is filled with piles of moving boxes that have your possession in them. In this way, you can focus on more cleaning and not be worn out by moving the unpacked boxes back and forth. The furniture will also not be in the way of the cleaning process. 

Most important areas of an apartment to clean before moving in

Cleaning of your new apartment should start from the kitchen area as you progress to other parts of the apartment. For example, thorough cleaning of the fridge or the utensils sink is needed because of the dirt that accumulates in them with time. You can then move to clean the bathrooms as the next room to work on. Cleaning them will require the use of detergents and scrub to make the cleaning process efficient. 

The next step is to wipe all the counters with a dedicated detergent. You can then proceed to mop the whole house, and you might just be done!

If you cannot clean the house before moving in like when you move a distance away, you can clean before unpacking. This will make the process smooth, as indicated above and help you dodge certain challenges with a dirty home. 

Should you clean your apartment before moving in? Yes, as indicated above, this is the best option. What you get in the end is a refreshed apartment that is odorless and that you can enjoy living in. You will be pleased with the results even when you have friends over. If you are working with a team of professional movers in NYC, you should also plan on having the apartment cleaned before the movers start moving your furniture in. 

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