Short term storage guide

A lot of people think that storing something means that they will store it for a long time. But that is not always the case. It is much more often for people to need short term storage. Situations in which you might need this type of storage are for example when you are moving, but you still have a couple of days before you can move in into your new home. Or for example, when you are remodeling your home and you simply need additional space. That is why we created this short term storage guide to help you store everything safely and to save money.

The most important thing for short term storage guide

The most important thing that you need to think about is how long you plan on to use storage. Usually, the short term storage is considered to be under three months. So, first of all, you need to plan and decide on how long you plan to use the storage unit. You can talk to your local movers NYC and ask them what options they can offer you. You can go through details with them and even hire them to help you. Whether with relocation or simply with storing your belongings – they can be of great assistance. This is the most important thing in our short term storage guide since people often take either too big or too small storage units. And that only creates more problems.

calendar for short term storage guide

You need to decide for how long you plan on to use a storage unit

Location is a key

Depending on why do you need the short term storage, you need to choose the location of the storage unit. With our short term storage guide, you will make that decision easy.  If you are renovating your home and you need the belongings close to you – the container can be a great idea. Even if you have items that are non-storable you will be able to manage them much easier. If you are storing items for a little bit longer than a couple of days – a good and accessible storage unit is your choice. Ideally, the storage facility should allow you to drive up and load or unload everything from your storage unit, click here now.

Security is important

A lot of people think that if they are using a storage unit just for a short time they do not need it to be well secured. That way, they think that they can save money. And that is why you have our short term storage guide. Even if you are storing things for a short time, you still need it to be well secured. Explore options with your movers Staten island and ask them about their facilities. Here, you can get a pretty good price for a good and safe storage unit.

padlock for storage unit

Security of your storage unit is very important

An important part of a short term storage guide – packing

Although your belongings won’t be stored for a long time – you still should make sure that you use good and quality packing materials. You need to treat fragile items with the same care and make sure that you keep them safe. Create a passage in the middle of your storage unit, so you can easily access anything you want at any given time.