How to save space when packing your clothes?

Packing clothes was not my strong suit. Whenever I was traveling, either for business or pleasure, I always hated packing. I would always throw clothes in the bag without any order. It became a problem when I started traveling with more stuff so I had to pack more bags. If you are carrying bulky items, you will end up using much more space then needed, which can result in more expenses. For example, airplanes have a weight limit, and this is not something that you want to pay. It is freakishly expensive! So, I went online and searched for a bit, and I found great ways to save space when packing your clothes.

With this in mind, I wish to share these great ideas with you. I love packing now, as it gives me a sense of satisfaction if I know that everything is neatly folded. Packing clothes is especially important if you are relocating. Properly packed bags can save you money, so it really pays out to spend some time to learn this valuable skill.

Shoes in a basket

Packing shoes is never easy, but keep reading to find out more

What skills do you need to save space when packing your clothes?

Relax, packing clothes is not nuclear science. You don’t need any previous experience for this job. This skill is easy to learn, and it will turn you from a packing virgin to a professional packer in no time. Soon you’ll be addicted to using these hacks, and you will feel the urge to pass the knowledge to your loved ones! What you will need to become a packing pro is:

  • will to learn
  • patience
  • bags
  • clothes

Now that you know what the requirements that will help you save space when packing clothes are, we can get down to business!

Rolling vs. Folding

I picked up this little tip when I hired packing services NYC. I complained about how I can’t fold clothes properly, my shirts are always falling apart, and I don’t know what to do with sleeves. The guy approached me and asked me what kind of a dinosaur I was. His question baffled me, but he explained that he didn’t know that people who fold clothes still exist. We roll today, he said as a joke. Obviously, he was a humorous guy, and we had a good laugh. However, I learned an important packing skill.

Rolled shirts in a drawer

Rolling your clothes is much more effective then folding them

Rolling clothes not only saves space in your suitcase, but it also saves time when packing. If you are rolling shirts, leave the sleeves to stick out and pull them over at the end to make the bundle tight. If you are rolling pants, fold them over the waistband and roll until you reach the inseam. Leave enough space to pull the inseam backward, over the bundle.


Packing clothes withing clothes? Impossible!

If this is your first thought, you are wrong! One of the best tips that will help you save space when packing your clothes is about to be revealed. If you are rolling bulkier clothes, put smaller pieces inside. This goes for socks, shorts or underwear.

Another bright idea is to put shirts one on top of the other and roll them together. You will cut packing time in half.

Shoes, boots, slippers, heels, stilettos, sandals…

Nope, you can’t roll those. However, a tip that will help you save space when packing your clothes is to arrange your footwear correctly. Put them on the bottom of your bag, and try to place them like puzzles to save space. Be aware of any parts that can be damaged.

Packing shoos in boxes will keep them protected, but it is a waste of space. Nevertheless, if you are traveling with a rectangular suitcase, a shoe box is not a bad idea. The next section will tell you why!

Do not leave any space empty

When packing clothes, it is essential to fill all the empty space with as many things as possible. Shove socks in your shoes. Furthermore, if you are using a shoe box, you will notice a lot of space next to your shoes.

Here is the opportunity to be creative. If you are relocating, think about drawers and closets. Fill them with clothes, and you will save space and use fewer boxes to pack the rest. Leave shirts and suits on hangers. If you have a shoe compartment, guess what? Leave the shoes inside.

Clothes on hangers

Leave your clothes on hangers to save space

However, when DA Moving NYC comes to load your stuff in the moving truck, just be sure that the closet doors and drawers are taped and secured. Do not let them slide out or open. Otherwise, you will end up picking up your clothes from the ground.

This is for sure the best tip to help you save space when packing your clothes.

Wear bulky items

If you have a large jacket or a sweater, the best advice is to wear it. Packing bulky clothes will not help you save space. If you can’t find any place to put them, you can carry those pieces in your hand.

Socks in shoes

Filling your shoes with socks is a smart way to save space when packing

Decide what to pack

The last advice that will help you save space when packing your clothes is to decide what to pack and what to leave out. For example, if you are moving during the summer, you won’t need winter clothes. Find a storage unit or leave them at your friends or relatives house. It is essential to organize yourself when moving.

This way, you get to save both space and time when packing. Moreover, you will save money as well. Less stuff means fewer boxes to pack. Consequently, your moving estimate will be lower.

Think smart, pack smart

We are at the end of the road! I sure hope that you got the gist of how to save space when packing your clothes. However, do not pat yourself on the back yet. Put this new skill to use and practice, you never know when you will need it.

Besides, know that with great power comes great responsibility. Pass the knowledge and teach others. I believe in you!