Reasons why you should move to Little Neck

Sometimes, we want something a little more quiet in life. There comes a time when you are done with the rush and buzz of the big city, and you start craving those lazy afternoons where you can just relax and take a breather. However, if you have lived in New York City, then it can be hard to say goodbye. The Big Apple may be huge and crazy – but it’s home. Once you fall in love with it, you can never get used to small town living again. So, what can you do? Well, DA Moving NYC is here with advice for you! Move to Little Neck! This Queens neighborhood offers exactly what you need to calm down, with still being close to the heart of the city. Find out more about Little Neck in this article!

Before you move to Little Neck, find out more about it

When you go to Queens, head east. Right along the North Shore of Long Island, you will find an interesting community of people. This is Douglaston-Little Neck – a great place for upper-middle-class families! With Great Neck in Nassau County to the east and Glen Oaks and the North Shore Towers to the south, as well as the Bayside on the west, you will find yourself in great company here!

a fancy home

There are many wonderful homes in Little Neck.

However, Little Neck is only one part of the community. Ask anyone living here what separates the two, and they might tell you it is either Marathon Parkway or Northern Boulevard. Little Neck is usually east (and north) of these, while Douglaston takes up the remaining space, west of 248th Street. Still, movers in Little Neck NY can take you to both once you talk through you move with them. And of course, if you miss Manhattan, you are only 12 miles away!

A suburban neighborhood

What makes this neighborhood special, though, is that it really differs from the rest of New York City. If you are tired of all the urban areas and people living there, then move to Little Neck! Here, you will find a distinct upscale suburban feel. With modest Capes, bungalows, Tudors, colonial homes and mansions, you are sure to find your perfect home here! And if you are planning your move on a budget, then you can also look into attached two- and three-family houses which eagerly await new residents. There are also some condo buildings that you can search for if that is what you prefer. It’s the ideal place for your family.

suburban homes

Are you a fan of suburbia?

There is also a historical society in this area, as well as other civic groups. As you can see, Little Neck can be pretty community oriented – unlike more urban areas of the city. You can even take a stroll down two historic districts – Douglas Manor and Douglaston Hill.

Little Neck is about the community

As we already mentioned, you will want to move to Little Neck to be a part of something bigger. This is why Little Neck hosts many community events and activities. The most famous, however, is probably the Memorial Day Parade, running from Great Neck to Douglaston Parkway, all along the Northern Boulevard.

There are other activities you can do after moving here, though. First, there is the Theater á la Cartè at the Douglaston Community Church and Douglaston Community Theater at the Zion Episcopal Church. Those in love with art should look into the National Art League on Douglaston Parkway. There, you can take many classes as well as showcase and sell your work. Finally, those in love with music should go to a concert each month at the Douglaston Community Church.


Fans of arts will be right at home in Little Neck.

But that is still not all. Once you move to Little Neck and fall in love with the neighborhood, you will surely want to give back to the community. This is why there are many volunteer activities here too! There is a volunteer ambulance corps called the Little Neck – Douglaston Community Ambulance Corps. They occasionally host blood drives, as well as classes where you can learn CPR.

How important are schools when you move to Little Neck?

When you are moving with a family, you will look into family-friendly neighborhoods in NYC. This includes asking around about the schools and the school district itself – and Little Neck will not disappoint. It’s an impressive fact that the community, together with Bayside, have a higher rate of college-educated people living there than the rest of New York City. A staggering number of 52% people (over half!) with age of 25 or more have some kind of a college education or higher. Meanwhile, only 11% have less than a high school diploma and 37% of people have finished high school and taken some college courses.

To paint a clear picture, the rest of Queen has a population who finished college at 39%, while the city itself has 43% of the college-educated population. However, Little Neck didn’t let these numbers talk for themselves. The government is constantly working to improve upon them at the tiniest levels. That’s why the number of students who excelled in mathematics, while 70% in 2000, sky-rocketed to 88% in 2011.

Finally, there are just a couple of kids playing hooky here. Only 5% of elementary school kids are missing more than 20 days of their school year. Comparing that to the city’s average of 20% speaks volumes. However, that’s not all! The Douglaston-little Neck area has graduation on time averaging at 95% of the student body, while it stays at 75% in New York City as a whole. This goes a long way to prove that once you move to Little Neck, your children will get the education they need!