Reasons to get climate controlled storage in NYC

Storing items long-term is a great way to save space and preserve your items. They won’t be in your way and won’t suffer from daily wear and tear. But, some items can degrade even while in storage. Even when you pack them properly and protect them from dust, temperature changes can harm them. So, the best way to protect those delicate items is to get climate controlled storage in NYC. Aside from keeping the temperature at nearly constant levels, there are also many other benefits. And there are many items that need it. Items that might seem sturdy can suffer just as easily from temperature changes as fragile ones made of soft plastic.

How necessary is climate controlled storage in NYC?

Many items don’t necessarily need it, but, climate controlled storage is still recommended. You don’t want to be stuck with a long-term lease of a unit that doesn’t have that option. It greatly limits what you can store there and for how long. And, climate controlled storage in NYC isn’t much more expensive than regular storage. So, it’s definitely worth investing in it.

vinyls in climate controlled storage in NYC

Climate controlled storage is needed for preserving vinyl records

Some items absolutely need it

There are also many items that absolutely need the unit to be at room temperature. DVD’s, CD’s, Vinyl records and so on don’t do well with temperature changes. And can easily get permanently damaged. Even if you buy the best packing supplies Queens NY has to offer, it won’t protect them from heat. Or cold for that matter. So, climate controlled storage in NYC is necessary if you plan on storing items like that for long periods of time.

How to find the best climate controlled storage in NYC?

Finding a good storage provider and an appropriate unit is not always easy. Hopefully, there are many resources out there that can help you do it. First, many interstate moving companies NYC offer storage as a service. They have a constant need for it and renting it is something that most of them do. So, your first step would be to ask your movers.

asking moving company about climate controlled storage

Contact your moving company and ask them if they offer climate controlled storage

If your movers don’t offer that service, then it’s time to start searching for a suitable solution for you. First, you need to know how large the unit needs to be. So, make sure you measure your larger items and determine how much space you will be needing. After that, you should find a few companies that you like and read their online reviews. If climate control isn’t reliable you should avoid them. You need a reliable moving and storage provider in NYC if you plan on keeping expensive items in your storage unit. That way you can be sure that everything that you put in storage will be waiting for you in the same condition you left it in. Otherwise, you might end up with a lot of ruined and unusable items.

Benefits of getting climate controlled storage in NYC

There are many reasons why you would want to rent climate controlled storage in NYC. First of all, most of NYC is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Hudson River on the other. That makes for some really drastic changes in the weather. And average monthly temperatures can go from as low as 27 degrees and as high as 84. It can get pretty hot during the summer. While winter can be harsh and snowy. All those temperature changes can affect the items that you have put in storage.

Climate controlled storage also protects from dust

Climate controlled storage units are mostly located in buildings with well-insulated walls and roof. That makes for a very safe place to keep your belongings. But what’s more important on a day-to-day basis is that it means less dust for your unit. Being sealed inside a building means that much less dust is going to get into your unit. So, you will be able to find items just as you left them. Even if you store them for a very long time.

Added peace of mind

While climate controlled storage in NYC usually costs a little bit extra, it can very well be worth it. Having that peace of mind is something that you can’t get easily. But, with climate-controlled storage, you will have it. You might not be storing delicate items now. But, in the future, you might have a need for moving services NYC. And while moving, you will be able to put just about anything you can think of inside that unit. Without having to worry about those items getting damaged. From musical instruments to collectibles and antique furniture.

Which items need climate controlled storage the most?

There are many items that can definitely benefit from being stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. If you own collectible figures or printed material, the safest place you can put them is in a climate controlled storage in NYC. But, there are also many other items that will benefit from it. We see furniture as something sturdy and not susceptible to cold temperature. But, even the best-built furniture can warp and crack due to temperature changes.

musical instruments

Climate controlled storage is a must for musical instruments

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are not only delicate but also expensive. And if you’ve decided to hold on to yours even if you are not using it, then you want to give it maximum protection. Leaving your precious guitar or violin in a regular storage unit can cause it to get damaged. With constant temperature changes, it will start to expand and contract. And that can cause cracks to appear in the wood. Same goes for moving a piano into a storage unit. Even though they might seem large and sturdy, they suffer from climate just the same.


If you want to store your electronics, even for a short period of time, you should look for climate controlled storage in NYC. Electronics are notoriously susceptible to temperature changes. And can easily break if not kept at room temperature. So, when storing your computers, laptops, or even household appliances, make sure you get a unit with climate control.