Pianos are heavy, but very delicate instruments. And when it comes to their transportation, they require your complete devotion. That is precisely why you need professionals on your team when moving your precious instrument. You need to ensure its safety. And as you already may know – playing an instrument is an art. On the other hand, moving a piano is an art per se. And that is precisely why you need some of the best piano movers Queens has to offer by your side. To ensure your piano continues making beautiful music for years to come, give us a call today! Da Moving NYC will be more than happy to provide you with a quote.

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Let professionals handle your move and enjoy the process

Reasons why hiring piano movers Queens is always a good idea

Pianos are big, heavy and above all that – fragile. And moving one is anything but simple. No matter what type of piano you have, keeping it safe and protected during the moving process is just too much to handle. You need to have all proper tools and a lot of experience to ensure your precious instrument stays intact. That is where our piano movers Queens step in.

Our piano movers NYC specialize in these kinds of removals. They have the necessary experience, knowledge and proper training to handle any type of piano relocation. No matter how hard it might look, no matter the distance, our team can handle it. Every single time. We can help you transport upright, spinet, antique, baby grand and grand pianos. And we are only one phone call away!

Our piano movers NYC will satisfy all your moving needs

And at once. Pianos are not only fragile, but also expensive. But, in most cases, they have sentimental value and many memories attached to them. Our number one goal is to satisfy all your needs while keeping your instrument protected. At all times. And at an affordable rate. Our piano moving services are tailored to meet your needs, and our piano movers Queens are more than ready and happy to help. And that is precisely why we are your best choice when it comes to movers. Our special equipment and piano moving techniques will relieve you from any stress. And that is something everybody wants. Professional, reliable and affordable moving service.

Tools our piano movers Queens use
Our piano movers NYC have all the right tools

Piano moving process

Here is how we can help you move stress and hassle-free:

1. Get in touch with our piano movers Queens

Yes. All you have to do is to give our team a call. We will take it from there.

2. Calculate your moving budget

Moving can be expensive. It really can. However, moving a piano or even your whole household doesn’t have to be that way. Not with our team by your side. What’s even better – you can calculate your moving expenses in advance! Feel free to use our moving estimate calculator and get ready!

3. Choose the best service for your upcoming move

It doesn’t matter if you are only looking to move your precious instrument or you need some additional moving assistance – we got you covered. Our residential, commercial, fine art and senior movers are more than happy to assist your move every step of the way.

4. Sit back and relax, our piano movers NYC will take care of everything else!

Once you team up with our piano moving experts, you won’t have to do a thing! That is what you have us for! Our piano movers will handle your relocation from its start to its very end. And all you have to do is to give us a call. So, wait no more and get in touch with our experts!

Avoid moving problems and mistakes

This part is more than important. It really is. And especially when trying to relocate special items such as pianos. They are expensive and easy to damage. That is why you need experienced professionals for the job. However, finding them isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to notice the red flags before it is too late. Also, you need to find movers that are properly insured and fully licensed. And do you know where to look for such movers? Well, you are already in the right place. Our team is here for you. Wherever and whenever you need them to be. Just waiting for your call. Team up with our piano movers Queens and avoid moving scams, problems, and mistakes. It will save you a lot of money, time and energy. Trust us on this one.

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Smooth, professional and safe relocation isn’t just something you need. You deserve it.

Commercial relocations

Our team of experienced commercial movers NYC is more than capable of moving one or multiple pianos. We are fully experienced in the efficient transportation of these large, but delicate instruments. So, yes. Our team is your best ally even if you are planning on moving your music instruments store, concert hall piano or storage unit contents.

Local moving assistance

Regardless of the size of your instrument, we are the ones you should turn to when trying to move it locally. Because we know pianos. And we know NYC. So, yes. Our piano movers NYC are your best option when moving your piano down the block.

Long distance and cross country moving assistance

Here at DA Moving NYC we pride ourselves on providing top-notch piano moving services. If you need assistance moving your piano long distance or to another state- we are here to help!  Our piano movers Queens will make sure your piano is completely padded before we load it onto the truck. And yes, it will reach your new address in a safe manner. Always.

Moving is not just the job for us. It is something we love and pride ourselves in. And when it comes to our piano movers Queens, they are highly-trained, well experienced and ready to assist your move. All you have to do is to get in touch with us. And the sooner, the better!