Packing mistakes and how to avoid them

Packing is a slow and tedious task. And we all tend to rush through it in order to finish as fast as we can. But, in that rush, you might make some packing mistakes that can lead to damage to your items. So, in order to avoid them, you should know how to pack properly and not rush it. From allowing yourself enough time to getting the help you need. There are many things that you can do to make packing less frustrating and more secure for your items. In order to achieve this, here are some common mistakes that people make when packing. And ways to avoid them.

Why is packing so important?

One of the most time-consuming parts of any relocation is packing. You need to sort through all your belongings, fold them, pack them and seal the boxes. It seems easy enough. But, when you are moving your entire household, there are a lot of items to be packed. And with much stuff, there’s a good chance that you will make a packing mistake. And that mistake can be costly.

packing mistakes are serious

You should invest your time and energy in order to avoid packing mistakes

Even when you hire the best interstate NYC movers, they can’t protect your items if they aren’t packed properly. Take your home appliances as an example. If you don’t protect your lamp properly, a small bump in the road can damage it. Impacts are one of the most common ways that items get damaged in transport. Same goes for your kitchenware. Those fragile items need specialized packaging. You need to protect them from anything that might happen on the way to your new home.

There’s more to packing that protecting your items from damage

But, it’s not just the safety of your items in question. By properly packing your belongings you will make it easier on yourself to unpack. Sorting and labeling your items will make the whole relocation much more organized. A simple home inventory checklist before you start packing can save you hours. It’s an important part of the moving process. And you shouldn’t neglect it.

Avoid packing mistakes by starting early

Most packing mistakes occur when you don’t have enough time. And in the rush to make it on time, you often overlook simple things. So, in order to avoid packing mistakes make sure you start on time. The exact time depends on many factors. But, one of the most important ones is the size of your cargo. If you are moving a single room then you can start packing a few days before your NYC movers arrive. But, if you are moving an entire household, you will need much more time. You can start as early as two months in advance.

start packing on time to avoid packing mistakes

You should start packing on time

Pack in stages for less packing mistakes

In order to pack everything properly, you should start packing way ahead of schedule. But, you don’t want to end up stuck for days with all of your items packed. So, to avoid those kinds of packing mistakes, you can pack in stages.

The first stage can be packing seasonal items. Clothes and items that you are and will not be using this season. You will certainly not have a need for winter clothes during the summer. So, they can be boxed and stored first. Same goes for any times that you won’t use in the foreseeable future.

After you are done with those items you can move to some less important appliances and decorations. While pictures of your family give your home a certain level of warmth, they are not essential. So, you can start slowly packing them. By having enough time you will be able to find proper moving boxes and protective materials. And make sure that they survive the trip in one piece. Any other items that are not essential should also be packed at this stage.

Depending on the time, the next stage of packing can be all the items that you use on a monthly or even weekly basis. Those can be your cooking utensils, home appliances, and electronics. And finally, about a week before your local NYC movers arrive you should start packing everything else. That way, you will have all the often-used items at your disposal. And you won’t have to go without essentials for a long period of time.

Packing mistakes when moving an office

Whether it is a home office or a large workspace, the principle is the same. You need to pack everything as best as you can in the least amount of time that you can. And there’s a big chance that you can make packing mistakes doing it. So, even before you call commercial movers NYC, make sure you have everything ready. You should make a detailed list containing every single item in your office. That way you will minimize the chance of forgetting something.

Buy quality packing supplies

Another important thing that you can do to avoid many moving mistakes is to buy quality packing supplies. Many people decide to save money on these and end up regretting it later. If you buy cheap moving boxes, they might tear while you are loading them. And that can cost you way more than the cost of quality ones. If you are hiring professional packing services they will have everything that you will need. But, if you are packing on your own, you need to do a little bit of shopping. And find the boxes that fit your items.

quality moving box

Make sure to buy quality packing materials

Where to buy affordable but quality moving supplies?

There are many ways in which you can get high quality moving supplies. And not all of them are costly. There are many ways to save money on packing supplies. The first place to look is with your neighbors and family members. Many people tend to hold on to their moving supplies in case they need them again. And you can borrow them for your move. If you don’t want to use used boxes you can buy them at many different places.

The first place to look for moving boxes is your moving company. If they don’t offer them you can look for them in a local hardware store. Many hardware stores often sell good quality packing supplies. And the biggest benefit of buying them locally is that you can see and touch them before you buy emerald carpet cleaning. That way, you will be able to assess the quality by yourself. The final option is to go online. There are many websites that sell moving boxes. And they are usually somewhat cheaper than local hardware stores.