Moving to NYC for a job – how to do it right?

Are you in search of work? Thinking about finding a job but have no clue where to look for it? Have you thought about trying your luck in New York City? One of the biggest, most famous cities in the world is sure to have exactly what you want and need! What’s more, you would not be the only person moving to NYC for a job. Every year, movers Forest Hills NY help countless people like you move their home to one of the busiest metropolis areas on the East Coast – and the world. Do you want to be a part of that crowd? Think that New York City living is just what you need? Then read up our article and find out exactly what it is that you need to move to the Big Apple for work!

Consider the budget when moving to NYC for a job

The first thing you need to do is to realize that moving is expensive. There are just so many costs that you need to include – long distance movers NYC, packing supplies, finding a perfect home, travel costs… the list just goes on and on! So, in order to fight that, you will need to figure out your budget situation.

think about your wallet when moving to NYC for a job

You will need to consider the strain the move will put on your wallet.

If you already have a job in New York City – great! The first thing you should do is approach your employer and ask them for financial relocation assistance. Sometimes, people tend to be shy about this, or scared that the employer will get mad at them. However, keep in mind that you are moving to NYC for a job. So, your job – and people there – should also help you move, right? Keep in mind that the absolute worst thing that can happen when you ask for aid is for them to say no. It might just not be something that the company helps with – they are not going to fire you for asking!

Of course, if you do not have a job, then you won’t be able to ask for aid. However, you still need to worry about moving costs! You just would not believe how quickly these can skyrocket and leave you helpless. In order to stop that, you need to prepare. Make a moving plan which includes all the costs before you start moving. This way, you can control how much you spend – and how much you have for spending. This is especially important if you are still looking for a job. You don’t want to end up with huge credit and no way to settle it!

Improve your moving plan

The next step would be to improve your moving plan further. Make sure you start making it early (at least two months before the moving day arrives) so nothing can surprise you. Don’t be afraid to add even the smallest details. The costs of getting packing boxes and labels are just as important as paying professional movers, and gas and internet are both useful when moving, too! And since you probably want to eat when the moving day arrives, you should plan for the meals and NYC accommodation too.

A woman making a plan for moving to NYC for a job.

Start working on your plan early on.

When moving to NYC for a job, don’t be afraid to become one of those people who runs around with a binder full of papers. You will want everything in writing. Otherwise, you don’t know what you will lose and forget. Also, there will be so much paperwork to go over, you will definitely want to keep it all in one place!

Networking is the key to moving to NYC for a job

Networking is an important aspect of life in the big city. When it comes to the city as big as New York City, it is a must! If you are moving to NYC for a job hunt, then networking will help you secure a position you want. If you already have a job, then networking can help you improve at your work, and maybe get a promotion as well. Along with that, social networking is a great way to make new friends. It can be lonely when moving to a new city, so start building your network early.

a network

Start building your network even before you arrive in New York City.

Even before the moving day arrives, start thinking about the people you know in New York. These can be anyone – from people you knew in high school to your future employers and associates. Having them before your move means you already have a community around you, which you can easily work from. Keep in mind, though, that these people probably already have a pretty busy life. You will not be able to go stumbling right into their everyday life – so start small. Invite them for a cup of coffee once you have settled, and see how you can move from there.

And even though you might already have familiar faces in New York, establishing your own network should be a priority. Try to connect with anyone you can – stranger or a friend of a friend. Figure out what your hobbies are and join up a couple of groups. New York at least is full of life and brimming with potential. There will be people sharing your hobbies at passion at every corner. From there, expanding your network – and using it to find a job – will be a piece of cake!


To conclude, moving to NYC for a job is never a bad idea. The city is huge, so you will fit right along. If you are alone, you will find friends with ease. If you are moving with a family, there are many NYC family neighborhoods just waiting for you! Whatever you decide, moving to the Big Apple will improve your life. All you need to do is find good movers to help you, create a thorough moving plan, and start developing your network early!