Moving to Miami from Queens

moving to miami from queens

Not many people live in the same place forever. Sometimes a change of pace or a change of scenery can be a much needed breath of fresh air for individuals and families alike. Whether you are moving for personal reasons or to take advantage of an awesome new opportunity, you should look at it as a positive thing. While everyone’s tolerance for change is slightly different, moving to a new place can be an extremely rewarding experience. 


When people move away from Queens they are often following a new job or looking for a different lifestyle. One of the most common places people move to from Queens is south Florida. Specifically Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Here are some great tips to make your move from Queens to Miami easier. 


How long does it take to move to Miami from Queens?

Miami is approximately 1,300 miles away from Queens and works out to be a 21 hour drive. This drive is extremely long and will likely need to be broken down into two days. Flying to Miami from Queens is far more convenient but will require you to have your furniture and vehicles delivered to your new home. The moving process itself depends on how you are handling your move. If you are moving yourself using a moving truck, the move will likely take much longer than if you work with professional movers in Queens. The time it takes to complete your move will also depend on how much furniture you have to move. If you are moving to a studio apartment it will be much easier to move than a four bedroom house. To get an accurate estimate for how long it will take to move to Miami from Queens, contact DA Moving for a complimentary estimate. 


How much does it cost to move from Queens to Miami?

The costs associated with moving are extremely variable. There are a wide variety of different factors that go into determining how much the entire move will cost. Some people will choose to hire a team of movers to handle their move from start to finish while others may decide to take care of their move on their own. Keep in mind that if you handle the move on your own it will likely take multiple trips back and forth from Queens to Miami to move to a larger home. If you have any level of interest in hiring movers for your move from Queens to Miami contact us today. We will be more than happy to offer you a complimentary quote for your upcoming move so you can get a better understanding of how much it will cost to move to Miami from Queens. 


Is it cheaper to live in Miami than Queens?

When people think about Miami they think of a fantastic vacation destination. While Miami may be one of the most popular and beautiful tourist destinations in the sunshine state, it also makes a great place to live for people who enjoy warm weather year round. While Miami is one of the most expensive cities in Florida, it is actually cheaper to live in Miami than Queens. Based on a recent study, it has been found that Miami is approximately 27% more affordable than Queens. 


The average household income in Miami is right around $400,000/ year whereas in Queens the average household income is around $600,000/ year. If you currently live in Queens and are seeking warmer weather and a slightly lower cost of living, Miami is an incredible option for you.

Whatever your reason for moving to Miami from Queens, having a team of professional movers on your side will save you hours of stressful packing and moving. If you are planning a move to Miami consider contacting DA Moving today. We provide high quality moving services to anywhere in the country and will go above and beyond to make sure your moving experience is stress free. Give us a call today to request a complimentary quote for your upcoming move!