Moving to Manhattan – what should you know?

The Big Apple is the dream of many. My first coming to NYC was an experience to remember. It’s been a couple of months now, and I am slowly getting accustomed to the rush and the noise of the city. However, it would have been much easier if I knew some things that I know now. Manhattan is full of pleasant surprises, but there are also tourist traps that you should learn how to avoid. With that in mind, you need to prepare for moving to Manhattan.

I’ve come up with a list of interesting facts and suggestions about what to know before your relocation. With that in mind, let’s dive in and find out what can you expect when moving to Manhattan!

Manhattan is the heart of NYC

Located between the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers, Manhattan is the most densely populated borough of NYC. Here is where you’ll find some of the most famous sites in the Big Apple, like Broadway, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. When moving to Manhattan, keep in mind that the commute is not so easy. For this reason, people living in Manhattan divide themselves into West Side and East Side.

Choose your neighborhood wisely, as you will stick to it. Each part of Manhattan has its own subculture and uniqueness. Families and individuals are mostly staying on the quieter side, which is the Upper West Side. On another hand, younger locals are in the East Village, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Hells Kitchen or Murray Hill. If you are in doubt which neighborhood to choose, check with your NYC movers. They have a lot of experience moving people to these areas, and this is a chance to get some first-hand stories!

Crowded street in Manhattan

When walking on the streets in Manhattan, you can feel the energy and the busy life

Streets are loud

If you were ever a fun of silence or quiet moments, forget about it. Moving to Manhattan will have you buy earplugs. When in NYC neighborhoods, you can hear car horns honking all the time, mixed with pedestrian yelling. In between those sounds, you can hear construction workers and their machines. The sounds of crickets and birds are long gone, and there is only the noise of the City, so you better be ready for it.

However, in time you will learn to appreciate this city and everything it offers. It feels good to be a part of something alive and hectic. Whatever it is, it sure ain’t dull!

Is living on a budget in Manhattan a myth?

Manhattan is expensive. If your goal is to set a portion of your paycheck on the side, that might be harder than it sounds. For example:

  • groceries are expensive
  • taxes are high
  • the average rent is around $3.500

I am not trying to scare you here, but moving to Manhattan will cost money. To save some cash, ask your Manhattan movers if there are any special deals when relocating to NYC.

Nevertheless, this city has much to offer, and it sure pays out in the long run to be a part of it! The cost is worth the experience. By the way, you can always move to the suburbs if you think it drains your wallet more than you would like.

Times Square

Times Square may look like a nice place to visit, but it should be avoided at all costs

Get used to walking

Invest in shoes, as you will need them. Walking all day long will become a part of your life. In a way, this is a good thing, as you won’t have to spend money to join the gym. You will find yourself burning calories fast, which is good for staying in shape. Rush hours are common, so a cab ride might last longer than you would like. If you wish to get to work on time, organize your routs throughout the blocks of Manhattan in advance.

Stay away from ordering food

Moving to Manhattan will create a nasty habit. There is this app called Seamless that allows you to order food from almost any restaurant in the city. On one hand, it is convenient as you don’t have to get out to get food. On another hand, it is a terrible idea since you don’t have to go out to get food. The easiest way to gain weight is to stay in the house and eat. So don’t be a slave to this habit, go out! With that in mind…

Get out of the city from time to time

Staying too long in the city is exhausting. You have to find some time to escape the rush and noise and to relax your body and your mind. Your exciting Manhattan life will wait for you when you come back, so use the opportunity to get away from the crowd and refresh yourself.

Times Square is a no no

Seriously, don’t go there. Times Square is a tourist trap. It’s too expensive, even for NYC! Street performances may look interesting, but don’t fool yourself. There are much better places to visit after moving to Manhattan. Before you venture out to explore the city, you have to learn what are NYC’s ups and downs.

performance at the subway in NYC

Subway is the most interesting place where you can find top quality performers every day

New York subway is the best

Here is where you’ll have some of the most exciting moments in Manhattan. NYC subway is full of top-quality performers and musicians. Not only it can take you anywhere you desire, but you also get to enjoy amazing acts in person. Become the part of the NYC subway got talent edition, and enrich your life! You will meet interesting and intriguing people, and have some of the best conversations ever.

Fun fact is, if someone offers you a seat on the subway, take it as a hint that they like you. Expect to be involved in a conversation after that, so if you are not in the mood for a date, pass on this chivalrous offer.

Moving to Manhattan is full of surprises

You are in for a real treat here. Moving to Manhattan will be a cultural shock for you, and better be ready for it. It will feel amazing to be a part of something so alive and refreshing. You are about to make a 180-degree change in your life, and it will be an experience to remember!