Moving to Manhattan in October: all you need to know

There is quite a lot of things you should know before moving to Manhattan in October. This busy epicenter of all happenings is awake 24/7 and you should be prepared for it. You will for sure, never be bored. Prepare your headphones for walking between the blocks! And a huge backpack for all the things you will need during the day. So you can enjoy one of the coolest places to live these days. If you and your friends and family can’t make it all on your own, make sure you give a call to some Manhattan movers to give you a helping hand.

Planning how to move

You should work fast, Manhattan can’t wait. We suggest you make a list of things you need to take care of before you go. Make sure you have enough money to pay your utilities in your previous apartment and to spare some money in the case. Mention that you are going to move to your friends and family. This will give them a heads up, and they may even offer you some help. Take all the help you can get because moving to Manhattan in October can be a hell of a ride.

a man making a plan before Moving to Manhattan in October

Before moving to Manhattan in October make a plan for your relocation

Packing your stuff

I do not know if you are used to living in such a crowded and popular place like Manhattan, but there are some downsides. You should probably get rid of a lot of your stuff. Living in Manhattan can be expensive and by getting rid of the thing you do not really need, you can save a lot of cash in a smaller place. Your valuable items should be packed carefully, so it would be a smart decision to invest in some quality packing boxes NYC to keep your items safe from breaking and damage. Pack some warm wardrobe because Manhattan can be very cold. Label all of your boxes to make sure you know what is most important and what will you need first when you get to your new place. Do not forget to place your box cutters somewhere close and obvious.

An image of moving boxes

Don’t forget to label your moving boxes

Plan your budget before your moving to Manhattan in October

As previously said, Manhattan is very expensive. From housing options to food, prices can go way above comparing to some other places. So you should plan yourself ahead and save some money. Make sure you ask your mom for some recipes of hers because you will probably be eating in a lot. If you are planning to make some changes to your new home there are some ideas on how to renovate your apartment without breaking the budget you can use. Having a roommate is a great way to save some additional money! You can split housework and other obligations every apartment demands. You can take turns with cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping, so it should be a lot easier with a roommate.

The paperwork

We know it is a boring obligation, but you need to get your paperwork straight so you don’t end up in trouble. Here are some mandatory paperwork obligations you need to know for your moving to Manhattan in October:

  1. Change your address for your bank accounts, cards, monthly subscriptions, and other memberships that are valuable to you. Cancel the others.
  2. DMV- if you are a driver, you will need to get a New York drivers license no more than 30 days after you move
  3. Insurance- make sure you protect yourself and your valuable items with insurance, it is a huge city and anything can happen.
  4. Register to vote

 Prepare yourself mentally for a big change

There are a lot of things that make Manhattan so different from other places. Manhattan is always awake and on its feet. Literally! People that live here have lower chances of obesity because they are always walking from one place to another. Their homes are mostly only to sleep in, as people here love the outdoors and the nightlife. If you are not the type of person to live fast, you may need to take a moment and prepare yourself for things that are coming. Make yourself walk a bit more every day for a month before your move to Manhattan I October. That way you will get used to waling a bit more because you need to go grocery shopping or something else. That is the activity that awaits you the moment you move there. And the first step to moving to Manhattan without stress is to wear comfortable clothes when moving! That way you will answer all the difficulties of relocation in casual and light clothing!

A girl sitting on the chair with her legs on the table

Don’t stress yourself too much over your relocation

If you are a driver then you are probably used to get everywhere in your car. Well. In Manhattan that would be madness. If you are not a cab driver, there is no need for you to drive anywhere. Just take the subway, and be sure to be on your way 20 minutes before you would normally set off. Just to be sure.

 Check your neighborhood

Take some time to check your new surroundings. If you can, it would be great to walk all over the block and see what you are getting yourself into. Turn on your times and see how long will it take you from your new home to your job or school. What you won’t lack in Manhattan has a hot dog stand on every block, so you for sure won’t be hungry. Check out the nearest post office, hospital, grocery stores, pet daycares, and children’s daycares in Manhattan and map everything you will need.

Your moving to Manhattan in October is your next big thing. As I said, prepare for a big lifestyle change and brace yourself for a lot of fun. There is something for everyone and it’s probably open 24/7 as Manhattan never sleeps or rests click here to read.  Be sure to start your planning and packing on time, plan everything ahead and you should be fine, no worries.