Moving from NYC to a small town – what to expect

Moving from NYC to a small town can represent quite a shock. After all, this is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world that we are talking about. Therefore, change is going to be pretty drastic. Are you ready for it? How aware in fact are you of what awaits you once your long distance movers NYC have helped you relocate and left? Are you really confident that you are going to be able to cope with such a drastic change out of blue? Today, we are going to take a look at the exact things that you can expect to encounter after moving from NYC to a small town. In the case that you are thinking about doing something like this, or perhaps your move might be imminent, this is the article to read. Therefore, bear with us and for ready for your move.

times square

Are you sure that you want to be leaving this place?

Why moving from NYC to a small town can be so stressful

The first thing that we need to answer is why moving from NYC to a small town should represent such stress. Obviously, it will not be so in all circumstances. There is going to be some stress involved for sure. After all, leaving the place and packing boxes NYC, in which you have been living your whole life, or a place in which you achieved everything, is surely going to take some toll on you. However, any kind of moving is going to include some stress.

The peculiar thing about moving away from New York City is the fact that few people decide to do it because they do not like the city. On the contrary, the majority of people moving away are those people who simply cannot put up with the costs of living in this place. The wave of gentrification has been splashing the shores of the city that never sleeps for quite some time now. Ignoring this fact would mean making a wrong mistake about the general reasons why people move elsewhere.

However, the main reason why moving from NYC to a small town can be so difficult to get accustomed to is the fact that there are few cities in the world that are like New York. Plus, there is no small town that can even resemble the concrete jungle. Therefore, let’s find out what you can expect should you decide to follow this path.

Moving from NYC to a small town – what to expect

We should probably cut to the chase and take a closer look at what exactly you should expect from moving from NYC to a small town:

  • Prepare for a much more relaxed pace of life
  • If you are going back to the city where you grew up in, prepare that much has already changed
  • Plan family-friendly activities, for they are going to be plentiful
  • People may not be as open as you have been used to seeing

Ready for getting down and dirty? Let’s go!

Prepare for a much more relaxed pace of life

The biggest difference that you are going to experience upon completing a local move out of NYC to a smaller town is the pace of life.

Depending on what you used to be doing back in the city that never sleeps, your life in a new, small, town can be much much slower-paced. While people eagerly await this chapter in their lives, the transition can be a tough pill to swallow. Understandably, after living in one of the highest-paced cities, the slow rhythm that a small town offers will surely be a shock. Sometimes, you may even feel as if the time stood still. For some, it is going to be a positive shock. For those who take such a move for granted, the shock can be negative. 

Still, this kind of change should not represent a change for the worse. The only thing necessary is to prepare for it. Then, once it comes, you will embrace it more easily.

Moving from NYC to a small town will let you take on a more relaxed pace of your life

Prepare for a more laid back pace of living in a small town

A lot has changed by now in the place where you grew up

Another thing to bear in mind, in the case that you are on your way to return to the town in which you grew up, is the fact that since then, a lot has changed. The town itself has evolved and developed. Some people you knew will not be there to await you. Others will have a different feel about themselves. Certain businesses will still be there. Others will be no more.

Completing the residential move to a small town from your childhood is great. Just make sure that you are aware of the possible changes.

Plan family-friendly activities

Family-friendly activities are not something that New York City is known for. Sure, there are large parks in all five boroughs. Plus, the city of such magnitude surely has a lot to offer to families. However, there are popular places that are going to be crowded all the time.

Moving from NYC to a small town will ensure that you more easily use family-friendly amenities. Small towns mean fewer people who mean less crowdedness. Take advantage of this. Enjoy family time after having moved.

People may not be as open after moving from NYC to a small town

The last thing that we need to address today is the openness of people. In large communities, such as New York, people are used to diversity. So, they are more open to newcomers.

image of a local restaurant

The locals may need some time to accept you

However, moving from NYC to a small town could put you in a different situation. You may encounter less friendly people from the ones in NYC. Therefore, make sure that you are ready for this. Give them time. After they get to know you, they will accept you as their own.


Moving from NYC to a small town hides plenty of peculiarities. You should make sure to explore them. Prepare for them. Ultimately, embrace them.