Moving from Brooklyn to Queens

Moving a difficult endeavor. Even in the case when you are moving from Brooklyn to Queens. The locations may seem geographically close, but they are totally different things. One is a very urban location, with lots of public transportation, crowds, and noise. On the other hand, you have Queens, which is a more peaceful, house with a backyard type of place. With this in mind, you have a great deal of preparation ahead of you, and it is best to be ready for conquering the unknown. Queens is not as popular as Manhattan, but if you are looking for a more suburban feel, this is the place for you. We will now talk about the differences between the two, and why is moving from Brooklyn to Queens a good idea!

Moving from Brooklyn to Queens can be a gamechanger
Who wouldn’t want to live in Queens, NYC?

The main differences

Whatever your reasons for moving from Brooklyn to Queens, there are some differences that you need to be aware of. By knowing these differences you will be prepared to act accordingly and have a proper plan. This will make your Queens movers‘ job a lot easier. Let’s see the differences.


Brooklyn is, as you know, a bigger, more urban neighborhood. Lots of public transportation, noise, and small apartments. It is closer to the hot spot of New York City, Manhattan, however, you may not be able to sustain your life there any longer. Whatever most impacted your decision to move away from Brooklyn, is probably closely related to the neighborhood itself. The population is very dense and people usually live in apartments. The average cost of an apartment in Brooklyn is $784.000 according to Zillow, which is a lot higher than in Queens. Also the average rent for an apartment in Brooklyn is $2,695, and it is probably really small. Your Brooklyn movers will probably also tell you some of the main differences between the two, and why are people usually moving from one to another.


Now we are talking. This neighborhood is a lot more spacious. And cheaper. There is a slim to none chance to get a deal like this in New York City. You can finally get that dream house you wanted, or a spacious apartment you have always dreamed of. There is a big chance your neighbor will be of a different nationality. There are over a hundred nationalities in Queens and over 160 languages are spoken. This gave Queens the title of the most diverse neighborhood in the world. In other words, it really justifies the phrase “World’s melting pot”. A lot  of nationalities means a lot of different cuisines. Delve into the diverse culinary specialties in Queens in one of many restaurants around! If you want Greek, visit Astoria. If you want Chinese, visit Flushing! Whatever you want, Queens has it!

Other than that, it is a good scene for artists as well. It was hailed as the graffiti Mecca of the world known for the 5Pointz building. 5Pointz is a place where graffiti artists were allowed to legally showcase their skills. That was, until it was painted over in 2013 by some real estate investor. He still allowed some artists to pay homage to the building’s history. If you are into cinematography, Queens features the Museum of Moving Arts. It is heaven for everyone who is into movies and it features a lot of exhibits that pay respect to the development of film. Not only movies, but any kind of film. There is also the Queens Theater which features all kinds of performances throughout the whole year.

Queens is a lot more peaceful than Brooklyn

Preparing for the move

Let’s get to moving! The first thing you need to do is make proper organization. When you are properly organized few to no things can go wrong. You will be ready for anticipated problems and know possible solutions to them. Proper organization is vital to everything in life, and that applies to moving as well! Moving from Brooklyn to Queens will never be easier with this guide! The key to being organized is to make a good moving checklist. A moving checklist should cover everything from finding your dream house, to unpacking after the move. It should also contain a timeline of what you should do and when. This includes packing, getting a reliable moving company, and shedding the weight of your belongings. Let’s get to it!

Packing process

When you have decided on your house or apartment, it is time to pack! The best way to conduct the packing process when moving from Brooklyn to Queens is to divide the items by room, or by type. Take one room, for example, your bedroom, and put a red colored sticker on the box. Do the same with all the boxes with items from your bedroom. Next up is your kitchen. Put a blue colored sticker on the boxes, and continue doing so until you divide all the rooms, and complete the packing. Also, make sure to get different sized boxes. When you do so, you will allow the movers to stack boxes in the moving truck. They know what type of item should go on the bottom and what type should go on the top, and getting different sized boxes will allow them to “play Tetris” with the boxes. There are also some tricks when it comes to packing and we will cover them now.

moving boxes
Our experienced movers will help you pack!

Packing utensils

You should take rubber bands, and bundle up a number of your forks. After that wrap them in packing paper or plastic wrap, and after that, into a cloth. Do the same with all your utensils, and pay extra attention to knives because they can lead to injuries while moving.

Packing glasses

You should take one of those cellular boxes which you usually get when you buy a pack of wine. Each cell contains one bottle of wine. So, take a glass, wrap it in packing paper and put it in a cell. If there is more room in the cell, put a sock or some other type of cloth into the glass, and then stack another one on top of it. Proceed to fill each cell.

Packing electronics

Make sure to snap a picture of the wiring. This will make it much easier for you to wire everything back up when you reach your new home.

This should about cover the basics of what you need to do when moving from Brooklyn to Queens. Good luck and have fun at your new home!

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