Moving during Thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving season is one of the most popular seasons people chose to relocate! Although there is a high demand for moving companies this time of year, there are certain points in moving preparation that you can use! In order to have a successful moving during Thanksgiving season, you should follow our simple guide. In it, you will find step by step guidelines for a stress-free and fast Thanksgiving relocation!

Start on time in order to have a successful moving during Thanksgiving season

What most people don’t realize is that in order to move on Thanksgiving season, you have to plan everything ahead. That means you should start at least a couple of months before the moving day arrives. This period of time is the best when it comes to searching for a reliable moving company! Since you are looking for movers in advance, you will certainly find some free movers that can help you with your relocation. And since you are giving them enough time to organize, you can even negotiate a better deal!

A calendar used to plan Moving during Thanksgiving season

Moving during Thanksgiving season is easy if you plan on time

This is especially important when you are planning to move your entire household! You will need more time to deal with utilities, packing supplies, packing process and many other tasks you have to complete before the move. This is where hiring a professional residential moving companies NYC comes in handy!

Declutter your home before moving

Moving during Thanksgiving season is much easier when you have fewer items to transport. Remember, moving estimate also depends on the number of items you are transporting. So, in other words, you will pay less if you have to move fewer items! This is essentially important if you are moving on a tight budget. Now, don’t let this scare you. There are a  lot of benefits to doing this! First of all, you will save more money on your move. Second, you will get rid of every item you do not need anymore in your home! This has numerous advantages because you won’t be stuck with a lot of items. And if you do this, you will have more room to decorate in your new home.

A table with a lot of items on it

Try to declutter before you move!

There few ways to deal with those items. First, you can organize a yard sale and sell them for profit. Second, give them to your friends or any charity organizations, and third throw them away. Whatever way you decide is the best for you, it will benefit you a lot! Once you are done with the decluttering you can call your movers NYC. With that extra cash, you can even get some moving services that you may need for your relocation!

Packing supplies and packing for moving during Thanksgiving season

Packing supplies are very important when it comes to relocation! Because, depending on how many items you are transporting, and what kind, you will have to gather them all before relocating. Moving during Thanksgiving season is easier if you know you have enough materials to pack everything properly. Especially if you are packing breakable and fragile items!

Once you have gathered all the packing supplies it is time to pack those items for your Thanksgiving relocation! The best way to do so is to separate them by rooms and start packing in the moving boxes. Remember, it is important to label the moving boxes so you will know what goes where after the move. And that way the movers will know how to handle the boxes. They will know what is inside of them so they can be careful with breakable items! Also, if you are helping them, it doesn’t hurt to know how to lift heavy objects! This way you will avoid getting injured on your moving day as well!

Get ready for the moving day!

AS the moving day approaches you should finish more and more tasks! And just a couple of days before the move, you can start preparing your home for your upcoming relocation! You can start by dismantling large furniture and other big house appliances. You will have just enough time to pack them properly for your move. Next, after all, chaos is over, you can protect the floors with the leftover cardboard boxes. This is perfect if you wish to sell your home after you move. Because you won’t have to spend money on home refurbishing. And the last thing you should do is to clean your home! Moving can make a lot of mess, and that can keep getting in the way of both movers and you! Learn how to properly clean your home before the move in order to keep it in top condition!

a folded cardboard

Use cardboard to protect your floors

Pack the “first aid kit”

Once you finished all of the above tasks you will have only one thing to do before moving during Thanksgiving season! And that is to pack the first aid bag. This bag, or kit, is what will get you through that first couple of days after the move! In it, you will pack some canned meals and clothing to use after the move is done. Why is this first aid bag so important you may ask? Well, you will probably be too occupied with the unpacking process to have time to do anything else. Let alone make some lunch! Instead, think about this as the “easy way to get over the post moving period”. Now it is also important to stay healthy during the move. So get to know more about healthy eating habits for the moving period and make sure your holidays are not spent at the doctor’s.

Moving during Thanksgiving season is not that hard, although it may sound like it!  Hopefully, our article can help you with your relocation! If you follow our guidelines through you won’t have any problems at all with your Thanksgiving relocation! Give us your feedback on how your move went, by leaving a comment!