Moving day meals: dos and don’ts

Since the moving process takes a lot of time, planning and organization, people easily forget about preparing nutritious and proper meals for the moving day. They usually get fast food as that is the most convenient thing to eat. However, that is one of the worst choices there is. Moving is quite stressful and taxing on your body regardless of if you are doing the heavy lifting or not. Choosing the proper moving day meals will go a long way towards keeping yourself healthy. Don’t forget to hire Manhattan movers a few weeks before the move. You will need some moving assistance and they are the best choice for you!

Moving Day Meals – Dos And Don’ts

If you went through the moving at least once before, you should know that you will be hungry in no time during the moving day! You do know that you won’t have a lot of time to cook. But, you should try your best to prepare some healthy moving day meals. However, it is more convenient to order food during the moving day. It’s also cost-effective to prepare meals on a moving day. You can also save time by hiring a professional moving company. They will bring all the necessary packing boxes NYC, packing materials, and equipment.

If you have a dilemma about what to eat on a moving day but at the same time stay healthy and filled with energy, we have prepared a small guide for you!

Burger sounds wonderful, right? However, it’s not the best choice for the moving day, unless you have no other option.

Moving Day Meals – Dos

What to eat and drink during the moving day? This is a big dilemma! If you went through the moving process at least once, you have probably already realized that staying hydrated and eating proper meals are crucial for a successful moving day. If you eat a lot of unhealthy food, you might feel tired, exhausted or even get sick. The moving day requires a lot of physical work and you will be able to endure only if you are consuming proper food and beverages! Packing your entire bedroom in one day will be a piece of cake if you are eating properly and keep yourself hydrated. Let’s see what you should eat and drink during the moving day!

  • Water and Sport Drinks
  • Carbs and Proteins
  • A Lot Of Healthy Snacks

Water and Sport Drinks

Healthy beverages and lots of water are highly recommended to use during the moving day. A lot of hard work, carrying, packing and moving makes us sweat, especially during the summer days. When we sweat, our body loses electrolytes. To replenish electrolytes you should drink sports drinks during the moving day.

Carbs and Proteins

Have you ever seen what those high performing athletes eat before their major events? A big bowl of spaghetti with meatballs sounds delicious, right? This is a fantastic meal for your hard-working moving day! This meal provides a lot of protein and carbs that your body turns into energy. You will need a lot of energy for moving furniture and boxes around. In order to be fully prepared, you should also know what not to wear on moving day!

Carbs and proteins will keep your energy levels up.

A Lot Of Healthy Snacks

Sometimes, during the move, there is no time to sit and have a proper meal. But, it’s not really smart to take on a job of this size on an empty stomach. If you want to keep your mood stable and energy levels up, you should eat healthy snacks such as cheese, nuts, granola bars, fruit and protein bars.

Moving Day Meals – Don’ts

A lot of people have no time to prepare meals or simply forget to buy some healthy snacks before the moving day. Don’t blame them! They have so much on their mind that it’s not even strange if they forget a thing or two. But, we are here to remind you what are the foods you should avoid eating on a moving day.

  • Energy Drinks and Booze
  • Deep-Fried Foods
  • Tons Of Candy

Energy Drinks and Booze

You may think that drinking energy drinks will help you in the process. And it will if you keep it in moderation. However, many people think that subsiding on energy drinks only is a good idea. Well, it is not. The thing is, all that energy that you will be receiving from the energy drinks you will need to “pay” later on. Not to mention other health concerns. What you want to do, if you really want to drink energy drinks, is to spread them out evenly. The less you drink, the better, they are not really healthy and should be used as a last resort.

Booze is another thing entirely. Needless to say, imbibing large quantities of alcohol will be severely detrimental to your moving process. You will get sloppy, your inhibitions will lower and thus you will pay less attention to security, and so on. But that is not to say that any amount of booze will be harmful unless you are driving, that is. If you are behind the wheel, it is best to avoid consuming any alcohol whatsoever. Once you have arrived at your new home, you can give yourself some slack and drink a glass of alcoholic beverage of your choice. Just one glass might help you relax.

Deep-Fried Foods

When it comes to deep-fried foods, simple advice would be: Don’t. The reasoning behind this is that those foods are really greasy and full of calories. Your body needs extra energy to digest and process all that fat and calories. And you will need all the energy you have for the moving process itself. So do yourself a favor and avoid eating anything that is deep-fried, at least until the moving process is over.

fried chicken
Deep-fried food is greasy and full of calories.

Tons Of Candy

While you can definitely have a bar of chocolate, or even two, or even the whole chocolate, you do not want to overload on sugar. Eating tons of candy will send your sugar levels through the proverbial roof and, while you will be getting a short term rush, it will be detrimental to the overall moving process. Try to take your moving day meals by the mantra “Everything in moderation. Nothing in excess.”


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