Most pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens

Are you considering moving to Queens with your furry friend? Well, that might be a good decision since this borough has plenty of areas to live in with your pet. In fact, New York city is very open to pet lovers and provide a lot of activities revolving around our animal companions. The selection of the pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens is focusing on the dogs since they are most demanding in-house pets. They require a lot of open space to run around, so the places with a lot of dog parks are perfect for them. Don’t stop reading just because you have a different kind of pet – neighborhoods that are dog-friendly are suitable for other pets as well.

First of all – why it is crucial to select pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens?

When you’re moving with your pet, you have to think about its needs too. Both of you have to be happy in the new home. That won’t be a possibility if you relocate to the area that doesn’t have an understanding of your pet. The grumpy neighbors who don’t like animals can make your life a living nightmare. When your pet isn’t welcomed, you won’t be feeling comfortable living there as well.

So finding the pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens or any other place you wish to move to should be your priority. Before you start to look for moving boxes Queens‘s relocation will require, check did you make a good choice regarding neighboorhood.

Just because you have found the pet-friendly apartment, it doesn’t mean that whole building or neighborhood is keen on animals living amongst them. Doing thoroughly research can save you a lot of troubles along the way.

Dog laying on the bed

Your pet deserves to be happy in your new home as much as you do.

What qualifies as the pet-friendly neighborhood?

In order to find a suitable living area, first, you should see what to look for. If you’re uncertain, ask any movers in Glendale NY or in your proximity to define what you’re looking for. Moving companies are conducting a lot of pet relocations, so they can certainly help you.

Anyway, here are some features of a pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens:

  • Dog parks – There may be a few parks in the area that interest you, but are they dog-friendly? While pets, in general, can go on most of the open-space public places on the leash, having at least one park where your dog can run freely is a must.
  • Pet-friendly rentals – It is crucial to find the apartment or a house which is allowing pets. If you are renting your new home, make sure that item is on the lees. That will ensure that there aren’t any misunderstandings.
  • Other pets – Perhaps the best indicator of a pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens is the presence of other pets. Happy dogs taking their humans for a walk will show that your pouch will be welcome here as well. Better yet, it will have friends to play with.
  • Sidewalks – This is the feature that probably didn’t cross your mind. Maybe it doesn’t seem so important, but if you’re a dog owner it should be in the top of your list. Wide, well-paved, brightly lit sidewalks are essential to have an enjoyable walk around the neighborhood.
  • Garbage cans – Another thing that is easily overlooked. While it might isn’t a deal breaker, having frequent garbage are a desirable feature of the pet-friendly neighborhood. It will certainly be more convenient to have a can to get rid of the doggy bag, rather carry it for blocks.
  • Veterinarian and services – Health of your pet is crucial, so proximity to the animal hospital and veterinarian is crucial. Same goes for services that your furry friend needs, like a pet store and a groomer. Luckily, there are many ways to commute in NYC with your pet, so that won’t be such a hassle.
Dogs playing in the park - one of the features of the pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens.

It is important for your pets to have peers to play with.

Most pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens

Alley Park

This is the most pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens by far. This area consists of houses surrounding the Alley Pond Park in Oakland Gardens.
In any time of day, you will see a lot of dogs in the street, since it is the place with most pet owners in the borough.
It isn’t surprising since the 655-acre park is just around the corner. Not only that, but the neighborhood features many dog activities you can enjoy with your furry friend. If you’re planning to move to Queens with your pet, this is the first place where you should look for your new home.

Long Island City

The residential and commercial neighborhood on the western tip of Queens is a paradise for pets. How can it not be when it features 10 dog parks, over 250 veterinarians and plenty of dog-friendly rentals!
If you’re wondering how to choose the right neighborhood in Queens for you and your pet, with this area there’s no need to wrap your head around it. It checks all the boxes, and you will enjoy living here with your animal companion.

Hunters Point

Hunters Point is another part of Queens with many properties for pet owners. Dog runs in the area and trips to many pet stores nearby are what residents of Hunters Point enjoy the most. No matter what schedule you have, your pouch can get his exercise at the Gantry Plaza State Park at any time of day or night.
Also, this neighborhood is only a subway ride away from Manhattan, which only adds to its appeal.

Dog laying in the park in Hunters Point - one of the pet-friendly neighborhood in Queens

Kew Gardens

Known for its community spirit, holiday gatherings, privacy, and green space, this part of the borough is a true safe haven for animal lovers and their furry companions.
Thanks to the proximity to Forest Park, it offers its residents plenty of opportunities walking, biking, running, and other adventures you can enjoy with your pets.

Kew Gardens is certainly one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Queens. However, finding a new home can be tricky since the pet-friendly rentals are in high demand.