Most famous Manhattan neighborhoods

When moving anywhere in Manhattan it is important to know what are the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods! This way you will know exactly where you want to move before looking for Manhattan movers! This is very important to know because you probably want only what’s best for you and your family! In the following article, we will talk more about these neighborhoods and what they offer. So, by the end of the reading, you will have a fair idea of where you want to move and live!

One of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods is Soho

The Lower East Side of Manhattan was the first place immigrants get to when they were looking for affordable places to live in. And this was all through the 20th century. This played well with their plans to make a better life in the United States. Through gentrification, this specific area spread a lot. Today, you can find one of the most popular and trendiest places in Soho. Popular bars, restaurants and many other places are opened here. This is exactly what makes Soho one of the most famous Manhattan Neighborhoods.

Colorful buildings making Soho one of the most famous Manhattan Neighborhoods

Popular restaurants make Soho one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods

This was once an industrial district. And today, all that is left from that period is the great cast-iron architecture! If you are looking to move to Soho, then you are not making a mistake. There are a lot of affordable places you can live in here and find a job in the near vicinity! Which is important to know when you are planning a relocation. Especially when it comes to interstate moving! Do your research about Soho before you look for interstate moving companies NYC!


Why is Chelsea on our list of most famous Manhattan Neighborhoods? Because it is a perfect spot for any upcoming artists. What you maybe did not know is that many worldwide famous artists lived here! There are far over 300 galleries in Chelsea right now. This neighborhood is a great place to live in because there are many restaurants, shops, bars and other cultural places you can visit and many more! One of the most visited places is Chelsea Market where you can get fresh food and other items! High Line Park, a green park made on an abandoned railroad track is also stationed here. And what is very important to remember is that you can walk to both Madison Square Garden and Empire State Building within minutes!

Train wagon turned into a home with garden

Chelsea turned abandoned railroad tracks into High Line Park

When moving to Manhattan you should consider a lot of things! The cost of living, schools for your children, the vicinity of your new job etc. All those things influence the decision to move here! Make sure you know everything there is to know about moving to Manhattan before you relocate here!

East Village

This artistic East Village was always one of the most famous neighborhoods in Manhattan. You can find a lot of musicians, playwrights and other poets who live in Avenue A and visit a lot of local cafes and restaurants. One of the most popular things about East Village is its underground jazz clubs. There is a lot of other things you can enjoy here, but mainly if you are into arts and music, then this is the place for you! Moving to East Village can be your greatest decision yet! But, before you move, make sure you know about the living costs in East Village! Even though you may end up liking living here you still need some amount of money to do it without stress. Learn everything there is to know before moving there!

Man holding a saxophone

East Village is famous for its underground jazz clubs


If you can afford living here then this is the right place for you! Long ago Tribeca was very deserted and almost no one lived in this now one of the most famous neighborhoods in Manhattan. It does resemble Soho but it has its own vibe. Tribeca is considered as one of the happiest and liveliest neighborhoods! But, all that high commodity does come with a price. There are a lot of factories and their warehouses here! And some of them are quite old! On the other side, the buildings are not tall at all, so you can enjoy a night sky! But, if you think driving will get you somewhere, then think again. There are a lot of dead-end small streets and it will cause a lot of stress until you get used to them.


Not only is Harlem one of the most famous neighborhoods in Manhattan, but also one of the biggest! It was founded by the Dutch, and it is becoming more and more a better place to live! With evergrowing security and stability, it offers a nice place to live. There are also a lot of modern buildings and traditional affordable homes! Also, you can see a mix of old business here that although making it a certain “city gumbo” make a unique place to live in. Harlem is very vibrant with great people living there. The well-maintained parks prove to be an excellent choice when you want to get off to some nature, jog or a walk.

Harlem Globtrotters playing basketball

Harlem is home to famous Harlem Globetrotters

One of the biggest corporations tends to open their small business here. And other people choose Harlem as the location of their new business as well! There is a lot of workforces here as well as a good market. You won’t make a mistake if you chose to start your new business in Harlem! But in order to do it properly, you need to know how to relocate your business to Manhattan! This way you won’t lose any money!


These are just one of the most famous Manhattan neighborhoods you can live in! If you chose to relocate to any one of them, you won’t make a mistake! They all have their own unique vibe people enjoy! We hope this article helped you find the best place you can move to Manhattan!