Most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods

There are a lot of things you need to think about when moving with family. This isn’t like moving alone – here, you need to take care of your items, but also your children’s needs, packing and paperwork. What’s more, moving to New York when you are single can come easy. There are many corners in the city such as New York that are just made for single people. However, when you want to move there with your family, things might get a bit complicated. First, you need to decide where you will move. This decision will inform everything else. For example, if you are moving to Queens, then movers Elmhurst NY might be the best for you. Moving to Brooklyn, on the other hand, will require a different team of movers. So, in this article, find out about the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods you can move into.

What to look for when searching for the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods?

So, what is the first thing you want to look into when searching for the best NYC neighborhood for your family? Well, this really depends on your family and your priorities. If you like spending time together, going on walks or enjoying your time in nature, then you might be looking for places with nearby parks or recreation areas. Maybe your priority is a good education, so you are looking for amazing local schools. Of course, there is always safety to think of as well, and that’s a priority for everyone. Finally, nearby amenities and transportation hubs are always an added bonus.

Parents holding baby shoes.

What are your family’s priorities?

All of these are something you will consider when looking into the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods. However, maybe the best advice we have for you is just hitting the ground and checking them out for yourself. Take a stroll down one of many streets of New York and enjoy the hum of the city. What you might find will surprise you.

Of course, if you are moving with long distance movers NYC, you might not have the chance to experience the city firsthand. If that’s the case, then this article is just for you! We took into consideration every single factor to give you a list of the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods.

Most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods:

  • Harlem, Manhattan;
  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn;
  • Astoria, Queens.

There are three representatives of New York’s biggest boroughs. There are many other family-friendly places you can move to, but we will take a deeper dive into these three, and what it is that makes them so great for your family.

Harlem, Manhattan

There are many reasons why you will want to move Uptown. Even though it might seem like such an expensive thing to do, you will discover that it doesn’t have to be that way. Take Harlem, for example. The “Heaven” sits between Frederick Douglass Boulevard, St. Nicholas Avenue, and Morningside Park on its west and the Fifth Avenue on the east. Aptly named Harlem River and the 155th Street are to the north while Central Park North is just south of the neighborhood.

Harlem crossroad.

There are many things that make Harlem unique.

The location of Harlem is one of the many things that make this one of the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods. The Cloisters, Marcus Garvey Park and even Central Park will all be within the walking distance from you! But these aren’t the only amazing NYC attractions that you will be able to see!

What’s more, Harlem is a place where you can enjoy spectacular cuisine. There is also the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling that you just need to visit after saying goodbye to DA Moving NYC. Its location and the venues here make Harlem one of the best choices for your family.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

There are many things that you can say about Williamsburg. This Brooklyn neighborhood got a lot of traction after the L Train turmoil, However, now that everything got patched up, you can easily see why Williamsburg is one of the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods. You can find it south of Greenpoint and north of Bedford-Stuyvesant, between Bushwick and East Williamsburg and the East River. With the population of almost 33,000 people in 2010, you can be sure that your family will find friends with ease here.

Williamsburg crossroad

Williamsburg is not only for singles anymore.

But this is not the only thing that makes Williamsburg so great! The neighborhood is modern and hip – but it’s not only singles who live here anymore! There is McCarren Park you can spend your time in, with a pool and ice rink you can use. If you get tired of nature, then get to Twinkle Playspace where your kids can have fun with their friends.

Astoria, Queens

And then there is Astoria in Queens. You can find this middle-class neighborhood between the East River and Long Island City, Sunnyside and Woodside. It also has a population of almost 80,000 people, which, if you are a friendly person, can be quite a big advantage. Another thing that makes the neighborhood great is that it’s a wonderful place for your kids to grow up in!

There are no skyscrapers or the tall buildings like you’ll see in Manhattan, or the hipster cafes and similar venues like Brooklyn has. And this is exactly what makes Astoria one of the most family-friendly NYC neighborhoods. Queens may not try to promote family-life, but it has everything a family might need. It’s affordable, the schools are pretty progressive, and there is a huge number of parks and playgrounds your whole family can enjoy. Take Astoria Park for example – there is a huge public pool there where you can teach your kids how to swim! Queens movers can also show you the way to the Museum of the Moving Image and the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden – a family-friendly place to get yourself a drink after a long moving process.