Mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers

People tend to move for a wide variety of reasons like better job opportunities, favourable climate, because of their partners, retirement or because they wish to start from the beginning. Whatever the reason, we often feel that we are not ready to move when the time comes. If you are considering relocating to another state or city you should secure the services of long distance movers NYC. Moving companies have reliable teams of movers at their disposal which can help you organize your relocation with as little stress as possible and you can play stress-free poker gaming using Casinonepalonline.com . Equipped with adequate knowledge and tools they know how to tackle every relocation obstacle. That being said, is there anything you can do to show your gratitude to your moving crew? There certainly is, and in this article, we will point out some of the mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers. You are most welcome.

Why would you tip your movers in the first place?

We know what you are thinking about. Why would I tip the moving crew if I already paid the full price to the moving company? Well to be completely honest, you don’t have to. You know the best what is your moving budget. This decision is up to you and how you feel. Think about the situation where you are in a restaurant. You were happy with the service and you tipped the waiters. The same applies to your moving crew. These are some of the situations where you should think about tipping your movers.

  • Your moving crew arrived on time
  • They did their job professionally from start to the end
  • Moving crew was polite, positive and helped you cope with this difficult situation
  • They were there for all your suggestions and questions

On the other hand, if your moving crew was late, if they damaged your belongings, or if they did a lousy job in general you must know that you do not have to tip them.

One of the mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers is to give the tips to the manager

20% of the total prices is suitable in the moving industry

Some mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers

Now when we know when is appropriate to tip your movers, let’s take a look at how you should do it. What is considered okay and what is not.

  • When we speak about the actual tipping amount you should be aware that in the moving industry 20% of the total bill is considered as a standard. But what if the final price for your move was quite high? Giving 20%, in that case, means you have to shell out a small fortune. Because of this we present you a universal tipping formula. You can give 5$ per hour if your movers did a good job or raise that sum to 8$ if they did an astonishing job. The same applies for a long-distance move
  • When the move is over, make sure you give tips to each member of the crew separately and not to the company or the manager. If you are using the aforementioned tipping rule this means 40$ to each mover for a full day of work.
  • You should tip your movers when the job is completed and not before. Likewise, you can tell them that you are willing to reward them if they do their job professionally.

Tip your movers if they have to handle fragile/expensive items

People move all sorts of items. You would be surprised if you knew what an average mover was asked to transport during his career. Some of those items are extremely heavy or fragile like old pianos or massive chandeliers. On the other hand, some of them are extremely valuable, and loading items of such value into the truck can be a very stressful experience. For this reason, we believe it is fitting to tip your movers if they have to deal with such items. If you have similar belongings and you plan on transporting them to your new address contact fine art movers NYC. Having reliable and trusted partners is essential in situations like these.

Picture of a glass with cold water

One of the mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers is to believe that money is the only way.

Worried about mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers? There are other ways to show your gratitude

There are plenty of ways to help your movers during the relocation day that don’t include tipping. Remember that relocation is a physically demanding activity and that your movers are not superhuman. For this reason you can do some of the following:

  • Provide refreshments and some snacks. This is a great way to show that you are a good host. A whole day of heavy lifting can make people dehydrated, so make sure you have cold water or soda in the fridge. For snacks, you could order some pizza, but it is probably best to ask them what they would like to eat. Don’t offer your movers beer or alcoholic drinks, as many companies have rules that forbid their employees to drink while on duty.
  • Equip your bathroom with soap and clean towels so that your movers know you appreciate all the hard work they are putting in.
  • Do some decluttering. Downsizing your belongings will do you good, and you will also make the job a bit easier for your movers.

    Picture of 5-star ratings

    Your movers will appreciate if you take time to rate them

Rate your movers when they finish their job

This is something that will take about 10 minutes of your time, and your movers will appreciate it greatly. Write honest feedback with all the relevant details. When searching for reliable movers people usually rely on those reviews, so you will be actually helping them as well. Likewise, moving companies depend on good reviews, so this is a great way to show your gratitude.

To summarize, there are only a few mistakes to avoid when tipping your movers. The important thing is to trust your instincts because in the end you will know if the movers deserved a reward or not. Ultimately the choice is up to you and how you feel. We wish a safe relocation.