In-house storage solutions for apartments

New York might be a big city – but somehow, people are always living in tiny apartments. The rents get too high, so the space you get to rent needs to be small. And this can be an issue when you have a lot of things. Eventually, you start running out of space. There are a couple of options you can do when this happens. First, you can call moving companies Queens and start looking into a storage unit or a new apartment. Secondly, you can try to get rid of the stuff you have. And finally, you can do neither of those. Why would you deal with all that hustle and get your stuff outside of your apartment, when you can have great in-house storage solutions in your place? Find out more in this article!

In-house storage solutions start with the hallway

Let’s start at the beginning. The first thing you see when entering an apartment (if you are lucky) in New York is a hallway. These narrow rooms are often ignored by storage professionals, but with some creativity – you can turn them into a great storage place. All you need to do is some good furniture, shelves and shoe storage ideas!

a shoe rack
You can do many things with a shoe rack!

For example, storage shoe benches are getting pretty popular for hallways. This is because they have multiple uses. First is the obvious one – you will sit on them when getting your shoes on or off. However, if you get a bench with a clever design, then you can use it to stash items inside. From shoes and bags all the way to coats or seasonal clothes – shoe benches can have many uses!

Then, you can also get a good shelving unit that can fit inside your hallway. Because of the size of the room, you should look into an adjustable shelf. This will not only make the shelf fit inside the hallway, but you will be able to shape it so that all your shoes find a place on the shelf!

Finding that perfect living room storage solution

The next thing on our list is probably the room with the most clutter items – your living room. The majority of people will spend most of their time here, so finding the right in-house storage solutions for the living room is a must! And when it comes to the living room, your best bet would be to look for items that double up with multiple tasks.

For example, you might not have a place for a guestroom in your apartment. This is why, when your friends are staying over, they are sleeping on your sofa. However, what if we told you that these do not need to be the only two purposes of the furniture item? Nowadays, you can find sofas with special compartments that hold linens, sheet and anything your guests might need! This is a great way of saving space when living in a cramped NYC apartment!

Another thing that you can use, and that multiple functions, are special shelving units. Has there ever been more affordable storage than the one in your own apartment? All you need to do is to find one that doubles as a shelving unit, TV stand and a desk, for example. This way, your entertainment center becomes your office space in the hours you are not entertaining. You are also using one of the best in-house storage solutions, which is saving you some necessary space in your small apartment.

Your kitchen also has great in-house storage solutions

The second room that people spend the majority of their time in is the kitchen. This is where you prepare your meals – and if you are living in a small NYC apartment, probably eating them too. So, you will want to find some in-house storage solutions that will give more space to your kitchen, and make your NYC apartment look bigger.

kitchen shelf
Your kitchen can get a brand new display!

So, think about the main goal of getting more storage space in your kitchen. For the majority of people, this is to free up the valuable counter space. How do you do it? By utilizing the walls, of course. The main advantage here is that people often use wall cabinets and similar items in their kitchen. So, it will not be out of place to put some clever in-house storage solutions on your walls!

The best thing you can do is to create a great mix of shelves and cabinets on your walls. These two mix well together, and you can fill up all nooks and crannies in your kitchen. What’s more, if you are creative enough, you will create an impressive display for everyone coming into your kitchen.

Let’s look into bathrooms

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house, so finding appropriate in-house storage solutions might be tough. What’s more, bathrooms usually have a specific theme or design – feel and look to them – so you cannot really go all out on getting everything you want for storage there.

Bathroom cabinets are pretty versatile.

However, what you can do is utilize what you already have. There are many things you can find for your bathroom that will give you a look of a streamlined space. Tallboys, cabinets that fit under the sink and drawer units with counters are probably the best thing you can get. These are easy enough to find in every color and shape, and you can store anything from your hygiene items to the moving boxes Queens in them! As you can see, these are probably the most variable of all in-house storage solutions. All you need to do is be creative and think outside of the box!

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