How to store old toys

So you have decided to store old toys and keep them safe for your kids or any other time you might need them! Good for you! There are a couple of good ways of doing it so you will know they are stored safely and without any issues at all. With our guide, you will know exactly how to do it so you won’t have to think about their safety and condition at all! Continue reading to learn more about them.

You will need appropriate packing materials to store old toys

As with every item that you plan to store you will have to gather some of the basic packing and wrapping materials. Some of these materials you can find in your household, some of them you can get for free in some places, and some you will have to buy brand new. As for wrapping materials you can use:

  • Any old fabric can do – To store old toys you must first wrap them in some old fabrics like pillowcases, small blankets, etc
  • Plastic bags provide you with the easiest method for packing and protecting your items
  • Buy air pocket plastic wraps that you can use to protect expensive old toys
air filled wraps used to store old toys
Air-filled wraps are best when you want to store old toys

These basic packing materials are used to better protect your old toys before you store them. They are easily some of the best choices you can make when choosing to pack your toys. This can come in handy especially when you are planning to move. Protect not only your toys but other items as well when you cooperate with your move with your movers Floral Park  NY.

Do you have expensive and collectible toys

Sometimes the toys we want to pack for storage have certain financial value, and sentimental as well. And we would love to keep them in pristine condition as long as we can. No matter the reasons, whether to sell them later, give them away as gifts or pass them to our kids. Because of this, you should think about getting a special kind of packing materials. Depending on what kind of materials the toys are made, you will have to get different packing supplies. Wood requires protection from dust and moisture, plastic and ceramic from hot sun rays and light, etc. You can always talk with your movers Ridgewood NY about it when they arrive. They certainly have more experience when it comes to dealing with expensive items and collectibles.

small action figurine
Collectible toys require special care

Do you need to prepare your toys for storage

This mostly goes for a toy that is wooden and needs to be prepared for any kind of store. It’s not only about wrapping them and then storing them away. If you have wooden toys, for example, you will have to refurbish them before putting them away for some time. These coats of protective adhesives will provide your wooden toys with additional protection against moisture and dust. Perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself and your toys is to know how to handle wood before packing it. Trust us, you will thank us later after you successfully store old toys.

Where to find appropriate boxes

When you are about to store old toys, then you do not need classic moving boxes that are huge. What you should really go for are smaller boxes you can get from grocery stores, bookstores, and shoe stores. These boxes are small and durable because they didn’t use them to transport big and heavy items. Most of the time, they transport some small and light food, books, and shoes. These are perfect when you want to store old toys. Because they are durable and small, you can easily fit a couple of your toys in them you could check here. Also, remember that you should always put some sort of wrapping around your toys. Use old newspapers to fill in the oddly shaped empty space in the boxes. That way your toys won’t tumble around and bang on each other cause some damage. This is especially good to know when you are about to pack collectibles. These boxes are used for packing and storing collectibles just for this reason!

shoe boxes
SHoe boxes are perfect for storing old toys

Original packings

We know that it is hard to keep around original packages of the toys you have. But, if you by any chance have them with you, you should definitely use them to pack your old toys for storing. They are the perfect fit and they do provide with all the necessary protection your toys need. Whether from the sun, dust or moisture, they are perfectly safe from them! Most of the times people keep the original packages when it is about some collectible action figurines. These boxes are usually made out of hard cardboard and plastic.

When it comes to collectible items you need to be extra careful! They have their value and can be very rare! Also, most of the times they are extremely breakable so you need to pack them with care and extra protection. What is good to know is some of the ways to pack breakable items! This will certainly come in handy when you want to pack your old toys for storage.


Once you have read our guide you will know how to store old toys! They brought us a lot of good memories from our childhood and we would want to preserve them in the best way possible! Because we will probably give them away to another child or pass the mon to our own kids! If you have any tips to add to our guide, then you can do it simply by commenting! Use our comment section to leave your reply and other guidelines you find useful!

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