How to save money when moving your fine art

When you are about to move your precious art to another location, the first thing you should do is to decide how you will want to transport your precious art. It will take some time and proper preparation, but you will get there eventually. First things first, in the following article you will learn how to save money when moving your fine art! So when the moving day arrives, you will have enough money for any other special moving service you may need.

Save money when moving your fine art – where to start

Before you even begin transporting your fine art, the very first thing you need to do is determine just how much and what kind of packing supplies you will need. Different artwork requires different types of packing supplies. For instance, if you are planning to pack paintings you will need a proper packing rope and a dry paper used just for these instances. You can use regular boxes but, the best thing you can do for your art is to buy new ones that are not used at all. They will provide you with enough durability and protection your fine art will need during the transport.

A person writing a plan in order to save money when moving your fine art

You need to make a plan if you wish to save money when moving your fine art

Transporting fine art is a job not many moving companies are experienced enough to do. Because they require some special kind of preparation you can find it hard to find appropriate movers to help you. Luckily, with just a little bit of search, you may be in luck and find fine art movers NYC without any issues at all! They are surely far experienced than anyone else!

Ask for an estimate

One other way to save money when moving your fine art is to ask your moving company for an estimate. If you find multiple fine art movers, the very next thing you need to do is ask them for their price and compare the prices. Also, it is good to remember that not all cheap movers are the worst, nor all the high paid best. The price is not the only thing that says a lot about the moving company you are about to hire. You should also check out their customer’s reviews and feedbacks. If you see that most of them are positive feedbacks then you are dealing with good and reliable movers.

Dollar bills and coins

Compare the prices of different fine art movers

Good and reliable movers will always answer all of your questions regarding fine art relocation! That being said, you should always rest assured that your fine art is in the capable hands of the professionals who can deal with your fine art relocation! Especially if you are relocating within Staten Island! If you decide that it is time to transport your art then movers Staten Island should be your first choice!

Preserve your paintings before you pack them for relocation

If most of your fine art revolves around paintings then you should know how to properly preserve them. This way you will transport them in mint condition and in their original form. Because there are a lot of factors that can influence the quality of the painting you should be careful about how you treat your art and how you transport it. Before you move your fine art, learn more about the ways to preserve paintings before transporting them! The positive side is that they will have a layer of protective varnish on them so you won’t have to worry that much, are you looking for san diego diamond rings.

Do you require special cases for transport

A lot of different fine art requires special cases. Some of the cases can be temperature controlled, and some are just sturdy. Most of the time people opt for using special wooden crates for transporting fine art! Once they place them in the crates people often use packing peanuts or packing hay for additional protection. Remember, if you are moving small statues, this is especially important because it won’t allow the items to move freely around the box, and it will provide it with exceptional protection during transportation. You can often get them from either your movers or your local home depots!

Bunch of wooden crates

Sometimes wooden crates are the best choices for transporting fine art

When moving your fine art, choosing the right size of the boxes is of utmost importance! Because if the box is too small or too big, you risk getting your items damaged or broken. There is a way to overcome this problem! There are tips and tricks for finding the right sized moving boxes to make your fine art transportation easier!

Ask the local galleries

The last thing you can do if you want to save money when moving your fine art is to ask your local galleries for help. For example, they may have information on where to find reliable and cheap moving crates for art. Or maybe, they can sell you their used ones they do not need anymore. And who knows, maybe they would give it for free. Chances are the galleries already moved their artwork at some point, so they will know where you can get some good fine art packing supplies or where to look for good fine art movers.

Also, if you decide to store your fine art, they may help you there as well. You just can’t store fine art in regular storage units. You need to know how to prepare your artwork for storage in order to preserve its value and quality!

It can actually be pretty easy to save money moving your fine art! All you have to do is follow up on our article and you will know all the tips and tricks about it. With this guide at your disposal, you won’t have any issues with your art moving preparation!