How to reward friends for helping you move

Moving can be quite a hassle – but it gets easier with a great group of friends! They can help you get organized, do some of the packing for you and help you load up the truck. When you are moving on a budget, you might even go without finding moving companies in Forest Hills – when you have friends on your side! However, you might find yourself in an odd place when you need to thank them after the move. How do you do it? Is there a way to reward friends for helping you move that goes beyond just saying “thanks”? Find out in this article.

A meal is a great way to reward friends for helping you move

One of the best ways you can tell someone just how much you appreciate them is by taking them out to dinner. There is something in that fine art of dining that makes people feel special and loved. All you need to do, really, is to think about what type of dinner your friends will love the most.

a dinner plate

A nice, home-made meal will go a long way.

If your friends like going out, then take them to a fancy restaurant. There are many places you can find all around New York. After all, you saved up some money for using your friends instead of insured movers NYC, right? So, now you can give that back and treat them well. A bottle of a good vine to complete the meal will always be nice, too. So, for one night, don’t think about your budget, but go and give your friends a time of their lives.

On the other hand, if your group prefers something more intimate, then you can just sit back and relax in your new home, and reward friends for helping you move with a box of pizza and some beer. Play video or board games, watch TV or just good around and zone out. The possibilities are endless! This is also a great option for those conscious of their budget and who just cannot afford that fine dinner – your friends will appreciate the gesture anyway!

Throw a party

Is there a better way to blow off some steam after a long day of work than attending a party? Whether you take your friend dancing in a club you have been dying to visit, or you go for something more closer to home, they are sure to enjoy it!

a woman with a sprinkler

Your party doesn’t need to be big and loud.

You can also make your party thematic – by throwing a going away party, you will be able not only to rewards friends for helping you move but get a chance to say a proper goodbye to them. On the other hand, a housewarming party will mean your move is finally done and you are ready to begin your life in your new home.

Of course, if you have moved to one of the many family-friendly NYC neighborhoods, then you should be careful about how you throw your party. Some people will not appreciate your loud music too late in the evening. Their kids might be sleeping or they might have work early in the morning. So, think about your neighbors, and even check with them about building (or street) rules. If possible, try to keep the party on the down-low. You don’t want the first impression your neighbors have to be a negative one.

Treat your friends to a spa day

If you and your friends are not the ones for going out, partying and dining, then you will need to come up with something more original. One of those original ideas is to reward friends for helping you move by sending them on a spa retreat.

Now, you have already heard just how hard moving is. You might have already moved, and now you are just looking for good ideas for treating your friends. Moving comes with a lot of tasks to do, but a lot of risks as well. If you are not careful, moving injuries can come easily. And even if they do not, the muscles and the body just gets tired from packing and lifting all those boxes and items.

a spa is a great way to reward friends for helping you move

Get them to a spa for a relaxing day.

Sending your friends to a spa as a treat will help fight this. Spas are wonderful at helping you relax and ease all the pain and the sore away. What’s more, you can make a day out of your shared experience in the spa. Not only will you be relaxing, but making new memories with your dear friends as well!

Return the favor to reward friends for helping you move

Finally, one of the best ways you can show your appreciation for your friends is to help them move once their time comes. Now, this is a long-term thank you card. You might need to mix it up with the other ideas we gave you. Still, since you will already know just how hard the moving process is, there is no better way to say thank you to your friend than to help them move. In return, they will appreciate it quite a lot – and you will know you have a friend for life.

What’s more, because of your moving experience, you will be a great asset to them. You have already gone through the packing process, the cleaning up of your home, and all those little irksome chores and tasks you had to do. You will know exactly what to do, and the order to do them in. The thing to remember is not to be intrusive, but offer your services to your friend. This is a great way to reward friends for helping you move because you are sharing the experience you earned back with them. In the end, you will spend the day together – and that’s all that matters.