How to relocate your art studio

While every relocation is tough, moving art supplies and artwork has its own unique set of challenges and frustrations. When you intend to relocate your art studio, it’s important to protect expensive art and supplies from damages or loss. Careful packing of irreplaceable artwork is crucial in order to arrive at your new home intact. This kind of move requires extra time and care to ensure the safety of the items during transport. Here are some helpful tips for packing and moving your art studio.

Hiring movers to relocate your art studio is always the best idea

Moving companies exist in order to make this transition much easier and stress-free for their customers. When you hire some reliable movers in Fresh Meadows to do the pesky moving tasks instead of you, you are increasing the chances that your relocation will pass without a hitch. Especially when something so precious like moving your art studio is in stake. There are so many things that can go wrong, and that you simply don’t know how to do properly.

If you’re an artist, you may know the best ways to pack and protect your artwork. On the other hand, do you know how to load them into the moving truck and drive it safely to your new home? And those are just a few of the hard moving tasks which are upon you.

By hiring some of the best fine art movers NYC has to offer, you are putting your belongings into the hands of professionals with years of experience in this filed. There really isn’t the better way to ensure the safety of your shipment rather hiring a moving company to relocate your art studio.

Painting brushes - just one of many things to pack when you want to relocate your art studio

With so many small and big items to pack and move, the assistance of the professionals is always the best solution.

Tips to pick the right movers:

  • It is important that a moving company is reliable, licensed and insured
  • The mover’s reputation should be spotless
  • Check the reviews from the customers
  • Make sure that movers have proper training in dealing with artwork
  • Movers must have abundant of experience regarding art relocation


Once you find suitable movers, you should know that the weight of your total shipment plays a big role in your total moving costs. Meaning, the more things you’re relocating, the higher your moving bill will be at the end. That is why decluttering is the next important step you have to take when you want to relocate your art studio. in order to avoid bonus moving costs.

Your studio is probably full of materials you don’t use and bottles that are nearly empty. This is a great opportunity to get rid of them. Toss or donate such items before you move. You’ll be having less to haul and organize, and you’ll be able to make a fresh start in an uncluttered studio.

Dispose of flammable chemicals, since they are one of the items that movers won’t move. Trying to smuggle them between other things will put your entire shipment in jeopardy.

Most moving companies want to handle chemicals that could put their employees or your belongings at risk. Better to be safe than sorry, so don’t relocate highly flammable items.

Art supplies

If you don’t want to trash supplies that still have life left in them, you can always donate your used art supplies to a local school or community art class.

The organization is the key to relocate your art studio successfully

Planning a move can be very chaotic, so making a moving checklist is always a great idea. That will give you a sense of what you can pack now and what you’ll need to keep accessible until the moving day. Especially when you’re dealing with a studio full of art supplies.

That will make everything more organized, and in place. You won’t be put in the situation where you need your paintbrushes, that is on the bottom of the already packed box.

Planning a packing plan for your art studio will keep everything in order. A great tip is to arrange packing according to like materials, temperature sensitivity, and frequency of use.

Gather packing supplies

Before every packing process, the packing supplies need to be gathered in one place. That will mean that you will have to make a list of packing supplies and hit the store. Collecting supplies well before the packing day will enable you to get more affordable packing materials and help you to save money on packing. Also, it will save you a lot of time.

If you have original boxes of the frames or custom wooden crates for your artwork, that is fantastic news. Since they are made especially for certain items, they will keep them safe during transport.
If you didn’t save the original packaging, measure your pieces. That way you will know exactly what type and sizes of boxes you will need along with other packing materials.

Protecting and packing canvases

Canvasses and artwork in frames require special materials to prevent damage during a bumpy ride or humid weather. Stretch wrap will keep items tightly bound so they don’t bend or break in transit. It is also an effective defense from moisture and prevents damages from packing materials. Like newspaper ink stains or packing peanuts stuck to oil paints.

For pieces in frames, create an X across the glass with painter’s tape before encasing the item in stretch wrap. It provides a little extra protection and keeps the glass together in the event of a breakage.

Once you wrap the canvases, surrounding it in a couple of layers of plastic wrapping with bubbles will provide the cushioning. After that, place the canvas into the box of a suitable size. Add two to three inches of dunnage material, like packing paper or packing peanuts, around each edge.

Blank canvas

Even the empty canvases deserve proper protection.

Ceramics and sculptures also require a delicate touch when you wish to relocate your art studio

Any sculptures, pottery, or other three-dimensional artwork will be safest in the wooden crates. You can order or even build on your own custom crates with built-in framing and padding for maximum protection.

It will require a bit effort, but it will be beneficial if you’re operating on the tight moving budget. Anyway, you get them, the custom crates will pay off in the long term. Not only that they will keep your fragile art pieces safe during this move, but for any other time you need to relocate your art studio.