How to properly prepare for moving to New York

So, have you thought about moving to New York? Moving to the City that Never Sleeps is a big deal – you’ll find something for everyone. Of course, moving to New York is also very daunting, due to the nature of the city. New York has a specific culture that can be difficult to get used to, not to mention how the city functions when it comes to public transport and parking spaces! But, you shouldn’t let your fears get the better of you. You can move to New York with surprising ease if you just plan things right! Of course, that means using things like a proper moving checklist.

A close-up on NYC cobblestones, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance. Moving to New York means you see this stuff daily.

Moving to New York? Get ready to experience the boroughs’ breath-taking beauty!

Moving to New York? These are the areas you’ll want to focus on!

As you probably know and can imagine, New York is one of the most well-known states not only in America but worldwide. With the New York to California and New York to Florida routes being two of the most popular routes traveled, you can have a nice image of just how much it pays off to live in the great state of NY. But NY is quite a vast place, as well. How are you supposed to choose a city that won’t be everyone’s favorite New York City? With New York being the fifth-best state for local moves (topped only by California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida,) you have many options. Both when it comes to inhabitable places as well as top-rate moving assistance. Look at it the way you want, but your local NY move is bound to be a complete and total success!

The most populated counties in NY

Statistics show that these days, the migration seems to be focused on suburban areas as opposed to large metropolitan areas. When it comes to the New York City metro area, it is a fact that more people decide to move to suburbs than vice versa. But with so many counties in New York, it’s hard to predict which one might be the best one for you. So, we’ll do something better – we will show you which areas are the most populated ones. Those areas are always popular moving destinations as people are usually driven out of bad areas.

There are as many as 62 counties in the state of New York. We here at DA Moving NYC collected the data gathered over the years and listed the top 10 most populous counties. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on statistics when moving to New York. Your future place of living greatly depends on the reasons why you are moving. When moving for work, you won’t look for the same qualities in a county as you would be when moving for family reasons. So, which counties in the state of New York are the most populated ones today?

  • King’s County – Population: 2,582,830
  • Queens County – Population: 2,278,906
  • New York County – Population: 1,628,701
  • Suffolk County – Population: 1,481,093
  • Bronx County – Population: 1,432,132
  • Nassau County – Population: 1,358,343
  • Westchester County – Population: 967,612
  • Erie County – Population: 919,719
  • Monroe County – Population: 742,474
  • Richmond County – Population: 476,179
The most populated counties in NY - infograph

People move to New York for various reasons

Let’s face it – New York is a pretty great state by anyone’s standards. If you think that New York is on the expensive side, then you are certainly having it confused with the New York City. The prices in the rest of New York aren’t that out of the ordinary. Of course, your best chances of having a solid life in New York are if you belong to the average part of every standard and have an average salary. But you don’t have to be incredibly rich to call yourself a New Yorker.

Now that we have that sorted out, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that urge a person to pack up and go. After all, it will be those reasons that decide which NY area you end up living in. And what are the most common reasons why people opt for relocation?

  1. The number one reason people decide to move is in pursuit of a better home – 16%.
  2. A lot of people relocate in order to establish their own household – 11.5%.
  3. There are a lot of different ‘family reasons’ that make a person move – 11.3%.
  4. The fourth reason why people move is that they got a new job or a job transfer – 9.9%.
  5. With the prices being what they are, a lot of people relocate in pursuit of cheaper housing – 8.3%.
  6. A lot of different ‘housing reasons’ are guilty of a large portion of yearly relocations – 7.6%.
  7. The next spot belongs to those who decide to relocate in order to buy a home, as opposed to renting one – 7.3%.
  8. A huge number of people decides to move for an easier commute to work – 5.5%.
  9. A change in marital status is a good motivation for people to relocate – 5.1%.
  10. The tenth spot is reserved for those who leave to seek better education – 3.0%.
  11. Finally, a lot of people decide to move out of a crime-ridden area and into a better one – 2.8%.
The most common reasons for moving - infograph

Worthy mentions

Even though there are eleven most common reasons why people move, there’s a good chance you don’t fall under any category. In that case, you belong to 5% of those who move for unspecified reasons. One thing is for sure – whether you are just looking for a change of scenery or for better opportunities, New York will be a great choice! Our lovely state almost never disappoints!

However, no matter how much people love the rest of the state (and they really do,) and no matter their reasons for moving, the Big Apple seems to be at the peak of everyone’s interest. And how could it not be – the City that Never Sleeps is pretty impressive any way you look at it.

Moving to New York for work?

Then you are certainly not alone in this! A lot of people decide to pack up their bags and move to New York in high hopes of becoming the world’s next millionaire. Usually, moving to NYC for a job is a prospect that makes a lot of sense. After all, the New York City is a social, cultural, and business hub of, some would say, the entire USA. There are a number of employers offering great opportunities for those ready to grab them. But is that really true? Well, if you have the right set of skills and qualifications, it certainly is. And what about you becoming an entrepreneur after moving to NYC?

A close up of dollar bills.

Depending on the area you choose, life in NY can be very affordable.

Contrary to what you may believe at the moment, if your goal is to open up your own business, your best chances of success aren’t in Manhattan! These days, two boroughs have witnessed a huge growth in population, as well as local businesses: 

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Queens

The up-and-coming NYC boroughs

For a while, they have been thought of as crime-ridden, unsafe areas of NYC. Oh, but how the times have changed. Today, these two boroughs have become the up-and-coming areas of NYC. The ones you really want to call your home. When it comes to opening a business in NYC, should you choose Brooklyn or Queens, you would be following in the footsteps of thousands of those who have done the same thing.

The Brooklyn Bridge at night.

Moving to New York? Take a look at Brooklyn! The borough has everything you’ll need.

The reason for their popularity is a simple one – the rental prices of both business and housing properties are lower. With more youth moving to Brooklyn and Queens, you would have a great pool of talent to choose from. Not to mention that you would also have to pay a lower price for the same square footage than in Manhattan.

Are you ready to relocate to New York from another country?

Moving cross country is always a difficult endeavor. It’s difficult when you are moving to the state that’s bordering your current one, but it’s exponentially more difficult when moving to a state that could be on the opposite coast. Even though the New York-Florida route is one of the most used ones, it’s still very difficult to make a transition and move from Florida to New York. That doesn’t mean this won’t be a change for the better. It just means it will take you some time to adjust. How can a person make such a difficult transition? Statistics show you have three options!

How do people choose to relocate?

  • 21% of people annually decide to move with the help of a professional moving company.
  • 34% is the percentage of consumers that decide to move by renting a moving truck. 
  • 45% of the people who move decide to relocate without any assistance at all.

And these are the statistics that correlate to interstate moves. They show that the majority of people, in fact, opt for a DIY relocation, which might be a feasible option when moving locally. But, if you were to ask us for the best interstate moving tips we can give you, it would be to seek out professional help when going through such a long-distance and complicated move. How do people choose to relocate? - infograph

Moving to New York requires doing some apartment research

New York is different than most cities. For one, it’s almost impossible to buy an apartment. Most people rent. Not to mention that having roommates isn’t odd in the slightest. So, you should set your expectations accordingly. When looking for an apartment in New York, it’s important to be very aware of what you can’t live without, and what you can compromise on. Make a list, and use it when you’re going through apartments. However, the real estate market in New York moves fast – if you find a dream apartment, snap it up before someone else does! Especially if you’re moving long distance!

  • How will you feed yourself? Your apartment should be within reasonable distance to a bodega. New York’s bodegas and bodega cats are famous for a reason!
  • Is location important? Do you need to commute to Manhattan?
  • Figure out what you’re going to do with your car. Are you going to keep it? New York has pretty expensive parking. And if you want a garage, that will cost you extra! However, the city has an excellent infrastructure. So, most people don’t need a car! Especially considering the traffic jams.
  • Are stairs acceptable? Do you require disability accommodations?
  • What’s your budget? What’s the rent of apartments that match what you need? Are the two similar at all?
  • How safe is your neighborhood?
Downtown NYC - Moving to New York and specifically Downtown is an excellent career move.

Downtown New York is a legendary place. Is moving there for you?

Are you moving to New York with children?

If you are, that means you have to pay attention to schools in the area. Not only that but to the commute to and from those schools. If you live more than say, ten minutes walking from the subway, how will you get around daily? Will it eat too much of your time? Will it eat too much of your children’s time, rendering them chronically late or tired? If you’ve got kids, especially school-age kids, it would be good to research kid-friendly neighborhoods. Of course, you can always turn to neighborhoods such as Park Slope, which is known for having the stroller squad out in full force daily.

Finally, think hard about what moving with a baby to New York City will imply. It will be really difficult to bring up a child in a crowded environment, so you might realise down the line that you should have chosen a suburban area. Suburbs are more suitable for young kids, while teenagers could thrive in the hustle and bustle of a big city. After all, that’s what being a parent truly means – adjusting your needs to the needs of your child. Alas, if you do have some help from a relative who lives close-by or if you have enough means to pay for babysitting, family life in NYC could be a very feasible option.

Plan out the budget for moving to New York

New York has a high cost of living. Everyone is hustling in New York. It’s a good idea to have a cash cushion to float on for the first few months after moving if you’re not moving for work. That means you won’t have to worry about rent in case your job hunt isn’t immediately successful! Moving to New York only to immediately be kicked out due to low funding sounds like a nightmare! So, you will need to put aside at least one month’s worth of rent and utilities.

A shadowy figure doing research on the laptop.

The most important thing about moving to New York is starting on time.

Next, you should calculate your budget for the move, and act accordingly. The sooner you start scouting out reputable moving companies, the sooner you can get a clear idea of what the average prices are.  Transporting your belongings will be the bulk of the money – so, make sure only to pack what you actually care about. Do you have a bunch of clutter in your home? Are you holding on to old clothes you haven’t worn in years? Toss them. Or donate them for a nice tax deduction. Especially ill-fitting clothes that you’re holding onto in the vague hope that you’ll fit into them again or that neon plaid will be in vogue again. Toss them!

What expenses are there for a New York move?

Moving, in general, is pretty expensive, and requires quite a bit of math. Especially if you need some kind of moving service! So, you have to calculate shipping costs. You have to have money for the utilities, and hooking up your utilities often costs extra! If you need extra insurance, that also costs extra – but it’s better than no insurance. The list goes on and on. This is why most people hire experts, professional movers to assist them on their journey.

Are there any final preparations for moving to New York?

There are a lot of little details that can slip your mind when you’re moving to New York. It’s not surprising – you have so much to do, of course seemingly unimportant things slip by the radar! But, they can be a real big problem later on, so catch them whenever you can. For example, don’t forget to change your mail address with USPS! If you’ve decided to keep your car, of course, you’ll have to make sure to register it for New York license plates.

Your children, your spouse, and you, all need their medical records switched to their new medical provider – and your pet needs a new vet. If you have a newspaper or magazine subscriptions, cancel them so they don’t get sent to your old place. Or, see if you can reroute them to your new address! What about any local gym or pool subscriptions? They’re all hidden fees!

Your move to New York could bring about a lot of good things

New York is one of the most popular states on the entire East Coast. As such, it offers plenty of opportunities – especially if you move to the Big Apple. There are a lot of advantages that associate a move to NYC. For starters, if you are moving as a young, single person, you will be in good company. New York City is comprised of people of all ages and social statuses, but mostly of young people in pursuit of a better life. So finding a partner as well as a steady job should be a piece of cake in the Big Apple. Especially if you take into account the millions of people that live there.

The Statue of Liberty.

So many things to do and see in NYC – where to start?

Furthermore, New York City is also an architecturally wonderful city! From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building and The Smithsonian, you’ll always have something new to see in our favorite city. And just remember how many restaurants, night clubs, sports centers, and venues NYC has! However, life isn’t all butterflies and rainbows. There are pros and cons of moving to New York, and the pros could be enough to deter you from making this transition.

Not everything will be perfect after relocating to New York

Alas, nothing in life can be perfect, right? You are bound to experience some difficulties after moving to New York. And no, we are not just referring to the emotional challenges of moving to a new place. New York is a pretty crowded, pretty hectic place. The traffic in some parts of the city can sometimes get crazy. Spending an hour being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work is nothing unusual for NYC. In fact, for Manhattan, that’s quite a usual daily occurrence!

Moreover, NYC is a city with millions of residents. Whenever you have large metropolitan areas, the crime rates are usually higher. Although we do have to acknowledge that every city in the world has parts where there is more criminal activity. Finally, in NYC, you will have some good competition. There are thousands of people competing for the same job opening as you are. However, depending on how you look at it, this can be a good thing. There’s nothing better than a bit of friendly competition to make you bring your A-game to the table.

And let’s not forget just how expensive the City of New York can be. Not a lot of people can afford life in some parts of NYC (Manhattan, we are looking at you.) Although, with a bit of careful research, we are sure you’ll be able to find a home that will be within your budget. You just have to put in a bit of effort.

Will New York be worth your while?

So, how does when decide whether moving to New York will be the right decision? You just have to look at the reasons why you are thinking about moving to NY in the first place. If you have good enough reasons, or already have a secure job waiting for you, we strongly suggest you take a leap of faith and make this transition. It’s a fact that residential relocations are always difficult on the person that is moving. But, at the end of the day, they always turn out to be worth all the trouble. At least they do when New York City is in question.