How to Prevent Mold in Storage Containers

One of the problems when storing items in storage containers is that they can get quite a bit of mold on them. This is a common problem with common solutions. The best thing to do is to seek advice from local movers NYC and act accordingly. The next best thing is to read a guide on how to prevent mold in storage containers, which is what you’re doing just now!

So, let’s begin with some:

Prevent Mold in Storage Containers – Useful Tips

There are many things that we can tell you about preventing mold, and most of them are quite specific. These general ones, however, will serve you the best. So, you should:

Choose Good Quality Boxes

Good quality boxes are the prime mold-prevention tip. The mold simply can not get into some of the newer, high-quality boxes. The best way to prevent mold from getting to your items is to never expose them to it! Your high-quality boxes will serve just that purpose!


Use good quality boxes to protect your belongings.

Clean And Dry All Items Before Storing

However, even the best boxes cannot prevent damage from within. You want to thoroughly clean and dry all of your items before placing them into a storage unit. As many movers Staten Island can testify, failing to do so is #1 reason for mold getting to your items.

You want to make sure that there is no dirt or water whatsoever in any of your items before you place them in the storage compartment. Dirt can scratch your items, water will inevitably attract mold. Your metal items may rust. Wooden items might rot. Make sure to prevent all of this by carefully cleaning and drying all those items.

Prevent Mold In Storage Containers – Use Desiccators

If you don’t know what a desiccator is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. When I was a moving fledgling, I encountered the same word and was not sure what it meant, either. Desiccators are such items as gel packets made out of silica which serve as a means to deal with moisture. You use them quite simply. When you are packing your items into a box or any other container, just throw a couple of those into the mix. They will absorb moisture that might seep in there somehow.

These nifty little things have an expiration date, however. Make sure to replace them before they expire or your mileage may vary.


Deal with moisture easily, use silica gel packets.

Airflow Is The Key!

The best way to not have any mold in your storage is to consider airflow. Your storage unit needs to have good airflow so avoid stacking everything up against the wall. Leave some space between stacks and try not to place anything directly on the floor. Use a sheet of something as a buffer.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Finally, if you don’t really want to worry about mold overmuch, consider renting a storage unit that is climate-controlled. One of the reasons to get a climate-controlled storage unit is that it will prevent mold in storage containers almost by itself.