How to prepare your pet for relocation

Stress is a common part of every relocation process. And there are ways we can handle the stress, and even help your children deal with the moving anxiety when moving anywhere within NYC. But, what about our pets? Moving can cause a lot of stress to our animal friends that sometimes they can go out of their usual behavior and act out wrong. This is why we wrote a guide on how you can prepare your pet for relocation! Knowing this will make it especially easy to move with them and will make your local movers NYC job easier, knowing that their presence in your home won’t disturb your animal friend!

To prepare your pet for relocation gather all the documents you need first

One of the first things you need to do before relocating is to gather all the paperwork you will need. When it comes to local moving then you actually won’t be needing any papers, but long-distance and international moving is a different story. Also, if you are traveling by air or sea you will have to get proper documentation. When it comes to this, the pet’s records must be the first step when you want to prepare your pet for relocation. Ask your veterinarian what kind of papers you need to acquire in order to move with your pet. Also, these documents will provide necessary information on important things, such as vaccines, medicine or overall health status of your pet! Some places won’t allow you to bring your pet if he/she isn’t vaccinated! You should always have this in mind!

A veterinarian examining a dog to help you prepare your pet for relocation

To prepare your pet for relocation get all the papers from your veterinarian

After you get all the paperwork fro the veterinarians, you will have to get proper documentation required for pet transport. In short, that is a health certificate, and you should have it with yourself before you head out and search for your movers Floral Park NY! Don’t forget this, if you wish to have stressless relocation with your pet!

Start preparing a few weeks in advance

When it comes to our pets, it is important to start doing it in advance and step by step. For example, do not rush with the packing process because they might think you are leaving them. In fact, the packing process should take some time and be slow! Because it won’t differ much from their regular activities and they will realize something is going on but not necessarily bad! There are also other tips to make your pet less anxious when moving you should know more about. Also, it is a good idea to ask other pet owners if they have experiences with moving their pets. This will give you a much-needed headstart when you have to prepare your pet for relocation! Time is important, so be patient with your pet!

A calendar

Start in advance to give your pet enough time to adapt to the change

Try not to change their daily activities

Always try to maintain their daily routines! This is especially important for dogs! Remember when they have their walk and when you feed them and play with them. If you differ too much from this it may increase the anxiety with them. They will see something is wrong, but they won’t know what the problem is. So,  we know it can be a bother sometimes to maintain those routines especially before moving, but try to do it. Trust us, the moving process will go smoothly and your pet won’t have any problems adapting to your new home!

A doggy running

Try not to change your pets daily routines

When you have to relocate with your pet, you need to think about a lot of stuff. Gathering packing materials, packing items, categorizing them and figuring out what items you do not need anymore, etc. While in this process, you may lose count of your moving budget, and this can only bring more tension to your household and anxiety to your pet. Here is where knowing how not to break the moving budget comes in handy! With it, you can rest assured everything will go smoothly!

Visit the new place before moving in

To better prepare your pet for relocation you should visit your new home from time to time before moving in! This will allow your pet to explore the environment and get familiar with it! A lot of animal behavior experts will say that this is and should be one of the basic steps you need to take before moving in with your pets. Also, it is a great idea to bring their toys and items with you. And leave some of them at your new place. This will make them feel like they are at home, making them more relaxed and less anxious.

A man walking his dog

Visit your new home with your pet a couple of times before you move in

On the other hand, we all know how important it is not to have any mess in your home when the movers arrive. This will let you avoid making moving and packing mistakes. Not to mention getting injured while packing and loading items into the moving truck. Make sure you know more about how not to get injured when moving before you start preparing for your relocation!

When you are about to prepare your pet for relocation then these tips will surely help you a lot. Our pets can get anxious about relocating so we need to be patient and give them some time. Visiting your new home before you move in should be your top priority! Also, it would be a good idea to find other pet owners in the new neighborhood. This can help your dog get more acquainted to your new area. We hope our article provided you with much-needed guidelines you can use for your relocation! Leaves us feedback once you are done! We can’t wait to hear from you!