How to prepare for moving to NYC with a baby?

Moving out of your old home is a hard endeavor. Especially when you have a baby. However, it is still very possible. So, if you are a family with a baby that is adamant on moving to New York City, pat close attention to this guide. We have gathered our experts and sought advice for this matter. What is the best way to prepare for moving to NYC with a baby? This guide is comprised of everything you should know before committing to your move. So read on and find out what the experts have said about the matter!

Moving to nyc with a baby guide

Your baby is your future, so it needs to be safe!

How to make a proper organization?

The most important thing while moving to NYC with a baby is to be properly organized. You should remember how things were when your baby was born. Everything was in place and you knew what should be done and when such as feeding time and napping time. This is the same with your move. You need to have a proper organization in order to conduct the move seamlessly. One of the best ways to make an organization is by creating a to-do list. A to-do list should contain everything from thinking about the move to unpacking when you arrive at your new home. You should also create a moving binder and put your to-do list in it, as well as any other important document such as your moving quotes, bill of lading and more. Keeping everything in one place will ensure that you do not lose anything. It will also be useful when you need to check something. Or even better, double-check! It is always smart to be sure about everything before moving to NYC.

This seems unrelated to moving with a baby, but it is not! Everything is related to the good organization. By following your plan you will feel less stress and get everything done the right way!

Find a trustworthy babysitter

This will ease your mind and make everything easier. If you know a trustworthy babysitter, you should hire them. If not, ask your friends or family members to take care of the baby while you are dealing with the move. You will not have the time necessary to take proper care of your baby when the NYC movers company representatives are in your house, giving you an estimate. That is why you find someone else to take care of your baby during the situations which you must be a hundred percent focused on. These situations include packing and looking for a new home. Another situation is the moving day, and we advise you to hire the same service. Besides you not being able to focus on the baby, it will also get agitated during the packing and loading process. The constant mess and clutter will make its day miserable, and that will, in turn, happen to you as well. You want to avoid any possible setbacks, so make sure you plan everything well.

baby on a bed

Getting a babysitter will make everything easier!

Consider how you want to conduct the move

There are a couple of ways you can conduct your move, and you should consider all of them and see which one fits your needs the most.

  • Do It Yourself move (DIY move): this is a type of move where you do everything yourself. It is not recommended because you will be stressed out a lot and will have to worry about every single thing. Putting a baby into the mix makes it all even harder. The child will feel a certain amount of this stress as well. You will have to do the planning, the packing, and the move itself on your own, so it is better to consider other options first.
  • Halfway DIY: This is when you divide the job between yourself and a moving company. Moving companies offer services like packing, so they can be the ones who do the packing, and you can rent a truck and do the relocation yourself. It can also go the other way around where you do the packing, and the moving company does the actual relocation. This one is a bit better then a full DIY move, however, it is still not a recommended option when you are moving to NYC with a baby.
  • Hiring the moving company to do a full move: This is absolutely the best option as you will leave everything to professionals. They know what needs to be done, how and when, and they will do the job properly. This gives you time to spend and care for your baby. They will do the packing, the relocation, and the unpacking as well. This will reduce the stress level by a huge margin both to you and your offspring. However, it will come off a bit more expensive but, hey, it is totally going to be worth it.

Choose whichever option suits you best, depending on your time and budget. This decision should solely depend on what fits you and your baby the most.

Packing a baby bag when moving to NYC with a baby

This comes off as a no-brainer, and something you do every time you leave the house with the baby. However, when it comes to moving to NYC with a baby, you have to rise it to the next level. The essential things your baby bag should contain are diapers, water, paper towels, and of course your baby’s favorite toy. Get even more than one toy to keep your baby entertained during the trip. You should also pack a change of clothes in case of a diaper accident. Also pick up some medication, and do not forget about the baby car seat. It is law in many states to have a baby seat in your car when a baby is on board the vehicle.

baby and a plush toy

Make sure you pack your baby’s favorite toy!

This should be enough to carry you and your family through the move. Living in New York City will open a lot of opportunities for you and your family. Good luck with your move and stay safe!