How to move your home office in a day

When it comes to moving, it can be pretty stressful. You need to take care of a lot of things and you have to plan everything ahead. Usually, moving takes a long time. But what happens when you need to move your home office in a day? Well, then you should stay calm, make a plan and decide are you going to look for moving companies NYC. If you decide to hire a moving company, they can take almost all of the stress from your hands. But even if you do not want to hire a moving company, you can relocate your home office in a day. 

How to move your home office in a day?

Well, although it might seem and feel impossible it is actually quite possible. You only need to keep up with a simple couple of steps and you will be good to go. Those are some basic steps and some things that you already have done. Also, the actual move of your home office depends on how big it is and where you are relocating it. If you decided to move it to NYC and make it an official office, think about all the pros and cons of moving the office first.

person climbing steps to be able to move your home office in a day
You can move your home office easily, just make a plan and follow a couple of easy steps!

Make a list before you start the actual relocation

Well, this simple action will save you a lot of time. Create a couple of lists – for example:

  • Donate list
  • Packing list
  • Throw away list
list to easily move your home office in a day
By creating lists – you will be sure that you do not forget anything!

Try to check all the cabinets and all the drawers, to make sure that you do not forget to add something to the list. Think about furniture – do you need everything or you are planning to throw away something? Will everything fit into your new space? Those are some question that you need to ask yourself when you need to move your home office in a day. But keep in mind that you will have to make quick decisions.

Prioritize your belongings

Once you have listed everything now comes the most important part – prioritize. Start going through your items, and decide what is important to relocate first. Declutter as much as you can. If you do not have a lot of items to relocate – everything will be much easier. You will need moving boxes, so be sure to look for packing boxes NYC. Make sure that you have them enough!

Ask for help

No matter did you hire a moving company, or you are doing this on your own, be sure to ask your friends and family for help. You will have to pack everything pretty quickly, and you need to be efficient. So you can make a task list and assign different tasks to your friends. They can also help you carry some heavy items or pack all of the documents and files.

friends holding hands
Be sure to ask your friends and family for help!

You can move your home office in a day with the right attitude

As we mentioned, moving can be overwhelming. And especially when you need to relocate everything in only one day. Although it might seem like you are actually relocating only your home office – it is time-consuming. So, make sure to keep a positive attitude, and not to panic. You know your office and you are doing this to achieve your goals.

So, every time you feel overwhelmed, just stop and breathe. Talk to your friends. That is why one of the important steps, when you move your home office in a day, is to ask for help. Your friends will keep your spirits up, and you will feel much better.

Take care of the documents

When you are relocating an office, documents, files, and books will take a lot of space. In order to avoid that, we advise you to recycle the papers you do not need anymore. Also, go through your books and if there are books that you do not need – donate them. That way, you will have a smaller amount of things to relocate and you will maybe help someone. Do not throw away the documents, since they might have some important information on them. Also, although you are in a hurry, pay attention which packing materials you are using.

Before you move your home office in a day – back up!

This is a very important step. Before you actually start moving – make sure to back up all the important files. Even if you hire good and reliable commercial moving company – accidents can happen. Back all the essential files on an external hard drive or some cloud. If you want to have a paper trail – make copies. And, no matter what, keep the most important copies with you. That way – you will know always where they are. And, they won’t get lost among many boxes you are relocating that day.

external hard drive
Make sure to create back up of all the important files that you have

Save your office equipment

When we say this, we mean your computer, your printer and any other electronic devices you might have. Don’t pack them in a hurry since they are probably very valuable and you want to avoid any possible damage. Start by packing your peripherals and then proceed to the devices. Make sure to use enough packing materials, and to use proper packing materials. It is better to pay them a little bit extra but be sure that all the electronic devices will be intact after the move.

Plan your new office space

No matter where you are relocating your home office, make a plan for your new space. Check if you have enough space and make sure that everything will fit. Also, think about little details like where the sockets on the wall? Make sure to label the boxes properly so you can unpack as fast as you have packed. Since, normally you want to avoid your business to be down – make sure you labeled everything correctly and that everything is easily accessible! Don’t worry, you can relocate your office in no time!


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