How to make your small NYC apartment look bigger?

If you life in New York City, your apartment is probably small. New York is known for its microscopic apartments. And even these small apartments are ridiculously expensive! So, you are probably wondering how to make your small NYC apartment look bigger. You do not want your parents to come and see that you live in a one-room apartment. They may start thinking that you are not having a good time in the Big Apple. We have gathered experts on this matter and they have given a plentiful amount of advice on how to maximize space in your small NYC apartment, and make it look bigger! So, let’s dive in!

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New York is known for its small apartments

Using the wall in your entryway

If you are reading this article there is a small possibility that you have an entryway. This kind of space makes the apartment a lot more expensive. However, if you have at least some space that you could call an entryway, you should use it to its full potential. The entryway is usually where people hold their coats and jackets. It is also a space where you put a small table. This table acts as a small space where you put your mail and keys. The experts say that you should avoid adding shelves, benches, and small tables here as it would clutter up space by a huge margin. Instead, consider adding a wall hook, where you can put your frequently used jackets. You can even put your keys on one hook, provided it has a chain. Using the wall is much more space efficient than putting a big shelf or a small table by the door.

Another good idea is to put a mirror alongside the wall hooks. It should be a wall hanging mirror as well. This will create an illusion that your apartment is spacier than it actually is. It will also make it easier for you to make the color of your coat match your clothes! If you are moving to New York, having the right style can make your life a lot easier! If you are more easy to notice in a big crowd, your chances of success are instantly higher.

Making the kitchen in your small NYC apartment look bigger

What to do with all those bulky pots and pans? You can’t just put them in your cupboard, because the pots are not spaced efficient items, and you will have a lot of unused space. You do not want that! One of the ways you can remove them from the cupboards is by adding a wall hook. Seems like the wall hook is the boss in this matter. When you add a wall hook, you can hang every piece of pottery which takes a lot of space. Another great idea is to add a pot rack. If you are not aware of what this is, it is basically a rectangular metal net, with hooks on it where you can attach your pots and pans. It hangs from the ceiling which is great for low ceiling apartments. Does your apartment have a high ceiling? Worry not! The pot racks usually have adjustable chains so that this does not pose any problems.

You can use the wall hook for your utensils as well. However, you should consider replacing the utensils, with machines that do the same work for you. If you get a blender, you will be able to do the same work as you would with 3 kitchen utensils. Be aware of this when you are moving to NYC into a small apartment. If you replace your many utensils with machines, you will have a lot more space in your kitchen and, also, your move will be a lot easier!

Other ways you can maximize space in your small NYC apartment

Now that we have covered the main “space takers”, we will move on to some secondary actors in the whole ordeal.


Furniture can take up a lot of space. If you want to have a sleeping bed and a sofa in your only room, you are going to have a bad time. All this clutter will not help your situation. One way to defeat this is to get a sleeping sofa. It provides you with a bed while also serving as a sofa. This way you will not need to sacrifice your comfort during sleep while also keeping the comfort of your guests. There are some more pieces of furniture that can act as something more than just its main purpose. One of these things is the dining table. There are some table variants with folding legs that can serve both as a dining table, and a coffee table. Next to the coffee table, you will probably have some chairs. It is a good idea to get some folding chairs and get them when the need arises. 


A good way to increase space in your bathroom is changing the sink. If you have a pedestal sink, consider switching to a wall sink. If you do this you will have more space underneath your sink. This space can be used for a bucket, a laundry basket, and so on. As with everything in this matter, the wall is your best asset. Attach hooks on the walls and hang your towels and other necessities.


Using a wall sink can make a lot of space in your bathroom


If you have a closed with just one big space, and a bar to hang your suits on, you should consider adding more shelving inside. This is, of course, if you suits do not take all the space. A very efficient way to increase storage space!

Wall colors

This is the part where you use illusion to trick your guests (and yourself) into thinking that the area is bigger. One of the best ideas proposed by our experts is the creative use of wall colors. Pain one part of your room which serves a purpose in a single color, and the other part of the room, with another purpose (kitchen, for example) in another one! Experiment more with color to make your small NYC apartment look bigger!

use wall colors to make your small NYC apartment look bigger

Creative use of wall colors can make your small NYC apartment look bigger!