How to make your move eco-friendly

In today’s modern society we tend to use as much technology as we can. And often, we forget about the negative impact the latest technology has on our environment. Which is why it is important to go green and make your move eco-friendly. Not only are you going to save some money, but at the same time lower the emissions! Continue reading to find out all about how to go green when relocating!

Always use already used packing materials

The first step you must take in order to make your move eco-friendly. Think about all the things you can use again as packing and wrapping materials. You can probably find old suitcases, boxes, and crates lying around in your home. When it comes to packing fragile items use things such as towels, t-shirts, blankets, pillowcases, etc. Avoid buying expensive and plastic wraps. Also, you can always ask your neighbors and friends for some additional packing supplies. And if you visit your local stores you might get used boxes for free.

Business man using recycled boxes as a way to make your move eco-friendly

Make your move eco-friendly by using recycled boxes

On the other hand, if you think that is too much work, you can always talk to your movers about it. They will surely give you enough tips to go green for your relocation., As well as provide you with their eco-friendly packing services NYC. Ask your movers about their eco-friendly policies when you opt to hire them for packing.

Purge your home before you move

One of the main problems modern society has is making a lot of trash. There is an estimate that says the average household of 4 people makes approximately 40 pounds of trash per month. Which, you can admit, is quite a lot. So, one of the steps of making your move more green-friendly is to get rid of the unwanted items in your home. And one of the best ways to do it are:

  • Donations – donate the items you do not use anymore. You can give them to charities and other people as gifts. If you just toss them into the garbage, they will just end up on junkyard.
  • Sell them – this is also a perfect opportunity to earn some cash, all the while getting rid of unwanted items. This is a very nice idea because you are not making extra waste and earning at the same time. From this extra money you can easily get affordable wardrobe moving boxes NYC you can use on multiple occasions!
image of a clutter

Try to get rid of the items you do not use anymore

Before you even begin packing, you need to think about lowering the number of items you have. Remember, try not to throw them away because you are only making more waste. In fact, if you manage to donate or sell them, you will both earn money and save money at the same time. How? Easy! Fewer items you have to move, lower the cost of relocation! Have this in mind before you plan to relocate any time soon!

Recycle everything

If you purged your home, and still have more items than you would, then it is time to dispose of them. And what is the best way to do it, then recycling? First things first, separated them by categories Old tech goes with old tech, fabrics with fabrics, organic with organic etc. It is quite simple to do it. Remember, never mix your garbage together. They can cause major issues for the environment and prevent you from going green. This especially means that you need to take good care about the toxic waste you leave behind. That includes stuff like batteries, cleaning detergents, plastic etc.

Recycling bag

Recycling is a good way to go green

Even if you manage to do everything, you need to know how to pack them as well. These simple tricks for successful packing will surely help you use the moving boxes in the most efficient way. Make sure you know them before you try to make your move eco-friendly.

Remain eco-friendly after the move

It is not only important to have an eco-friendly relocation and then continue with your life as you did before. In fact, you will have such a positive impact if you turn your life around. For instance, change your regular lightbulbs with LED and other power saving lightbulbs. See if you can use appliances that are eco-friendly and that save power as well.

Image of a house with a watermill

Having an eco-friendly way of life has a positive impact on the environment

As far as furniture goes, try to get those made from recycled materials. Meaning they are made from already used materials or refurbished furniture. Which is very important because you are lowering the amount of waste left behind. Make your move eco-friendly the easiest way possible! By being more open to new suggestions and ways of life. Learn how to have a more eco-friendly life after relocation. This will surely bring you much satisfaction because you are saving your environment!

Saving energy

Yes, this is one of the most important steps you need to make after you are done relocating! Save energy however you can! Do not leave lightbulbs on, even if they are LED. You do not need to waste more electricity and at the same time, pay higher bills. There are multiple ways you can do this. One of the newest is getting yourself smart appliances with already built in timers and power controllers. You can easily access them over your Android or iPhone.

A man holding an LED light bulb

LED light bulbs are energy efficient, but try not to leave them on

On the other hand, having smart appliances can be expensive. You can invest in special timers you can install in your power outlets. They will automatically start your kitchen appliances and turn them off after they are done.


This simple guide will surely make your move eco-friendly! Not only your relocation but life after it as well! Make sure you follow it through for maximum results! Please, if you have some pieces of good information to share with us, do it! Leave us your feedback and we will be happy to reply to you ASAP!