How to find reliable last minute movers?

You are probably aware that you need to plan properly before doing anything. When it comes to moving, you need to do a lot of planning. However, maybe you want to move on short notice. This will make the whole process a lot more challenging. There are not a lot of companies that are willing to do last minute moves, and if you find one, consider yourself lucky. How do even go about it? Well, probably the best method would be writing down a ready-made message and just bombard every moving company on social media. Meanwhile keep calling whatever numbers you’ll find and hope for the best. Professionals often say that you should start planning and preparing for your move weeks, or even months in advance. Having to hire last minute movers will make you rush and maybe forget something, and it will make the whole move more expensive. No company likes to book you in their already overbooked schedule. All of them are looking forward to this day off and they are probably not willing to do your last minute move. In this article, we will talk about finding not only last minute movers but RELIABLE last minute movers. This is a big deal because there are many companies that may want to scam you. Let us dive in!

Creating an inventory

You need to know what you are moving, and where do you want to put it. By making an inventory you will help not only yourself but your last minute movers as well. When you do this you will be organized and you will know what to tell your movers when they ask you about what they have to move. They will probably offer you an estimate over the phone because it is a last minute move. The companies usually come to your house and check out what needs to be moved before giving you out an estimate. 


Creating an inventory is a must for proper organization.

You should also try to get rid of clutter. You can do this by selling, donating, or just throwing away items. They are listed in the order of what is best. If you can sell the items, that way you will get rid of clutter and even earn some money on the side. Call your friends or neighbors and ask them if they need something you do not. If they do, you would not need to throw it away. It is even better to consider giving the items away to charity. There are people that will use something you deem useless. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Keep this in mind before you throw something away.

Finding reliable last minute movers

If you have completed your inventory and know exactly what you want to move, the next step is finding last minute movers. You need to make sure the company is reliable. You can do this by checking reviews online and calling them to see what services they offer. Make sure to ask if you are talking to a company representative or a broker. Brokers may just see you as a way to make easy money by linking you to a fraudulent moving company. When you sign the deal with the company, he is out of the question and you are the company’s responsibility. You may be already aware of this because you are searching for a last minute move. It is usually the case when a company does not show up on time and people start looking for another company to take their place on the same day. Not showing up on moving day is a very unethical thing to do and make sure to report the company that does such a thing. 

  • The best way to find last-minute movers is to go online to Google Maps and search for local movers. This website offers ratings for companies and it is an easy way to make contact with them.
  • You should also check the company’s USDOT number to see if they are licensed to do your move properly.
  • Another good idea is to call the FMCSA and ask about the company. They may have reports on not conducting their moves properly. 

Once you do these things, it is time for the next step.

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Find reliable last minute movers online!

Seeing what the company offers

The thing that probably concerns you the most is how much the move will cost. Try to call as many last minute movers as you can and compare prices and services. Be wary of companies that offer a move for a very low price. This may be too good to be true and turn out to be a scam. The next thing you should think about is the services the company offers. They should be trusted professionals with enough experience that they will conduct your move seamlessly. Proper speed, care, and training is something that a good company needs to have in order to proceed with your move smoothly. You can do this by asking the company how long have they been working as a moving company.

Another thing you need to see if they offer a free estimate. There are some companies that will do an online estimate which requires you to give them some information about your belongings. While some companies do it online, others prefer to do it over the phone. While you are on the phone with them, ask them what do they consider extra services and be sure to know every service you require. You probably do if you made an inventory and a moving checklist. Extra services are something that can make the price of the move a lot higher, and it is a good heads up if you ask that question.

You should also ask if the company offers packing services. It is much easier and there is less chance of mistakes if they do the packing instead of doing it yourself. This is called a full service move and it includes packing, labor, and transportation. However, make sure to pack your valuables and essentials with you because you never know if you will need them during your travel to your new home.

This pretty much sums up everything you need to do in order to find reliable last minute movers. Good luck with your last minute move and make sure to plan ahead next time!


Plan ahead for your next move!