How to find affordable storage in Queens

Relocation can be stressful enough without having to search for affordable storage in Queens! But, in our guide, you will learn how to find the best storage units all the while having the best services from moving companies Queens offer! Continue reading and find out more about this not at all stressful topic!

Affordable storage units in Queens are often a bit far away

Yes, this is true. If you do not tend to visit the storage unit that often then this is the perfect thing for you! Storage units that are near you can often be expensive. But, if the units are a bit far away, then you can expect lower storage rates. This is especially important if you are moving long distance on a budget. Every cent counts, and you will probably need that money to settle in your new home properly.

Image of a road

You will have to travel a bit to find affordable storage in Queens

This leads us to a previous issue, and that is finding a good interstate moving companies NYC. Reliable movers will often have good prices, and sometimes even negotiate to lower them. So, why not use that opportunity when moving and then use the extra cash to rent a storage unit. Remember, the cheaper units are further! So plan on having to commute to them!

Size is everything!

As with relocation and transportation, the size of the unit heavily influences the price of rent. You need to measure every item you have ready for storage units. Knowing the right dimensions will give you a proper idea of the size of the unit you want to rent.

Measuring tape used to know the precise size of the affordable storage unit in Queens

Knowing the precise size of the unit can save you a lot of money

Remember, every storage unit is of a different size. They can be either small, to very large, and there are a lot of variations also! Some storage companies may have only standard sized units, but some will have other sizes as well. Those sizes are unique and can come a bit expensive. Of course, depends if the unit we are talking about is bigger.

Empty train storage

Storage units come in different sizes

So, why is it important to measure everything before renting? Because you will have to pay more rent on a monthly basis if you rent a bigger unit.  People often make mistakes and rent bigger units than they actually need. Ending up paying more of course.  Remember, you can save a lot of money if you measure how big of a storage unit you need! This is very important when you decide that moving to New York is your next big step. NYC is an expensive city and every dollar you manage to save means a lot in the long run! Think about that before hiring a moving company and a storage unit!

Don’t rent specialized storage units

For example, if you do not have a need for a climate controlled storage unit, then why rent one? It all falls down to what kind of storage unit you need. To find affordable storage in Queens you need to think about all of these aspects. Of course, they need to have good security, a constant flow of fresh air and let’s not forget a way to approach your unit with a car. But, if you can opt for a regular storage unit that suits your needs, then go for it!  Specialized storage units are meant for items you really need to preserve and keep in good conditions. That includes electronics, furniture, collectibles, valuables, etc. Basically, everything expensive needs a special storage unit. Any special feature of a storage unit has will only increase the rent of it!

Image of an thermometer

Climate controlled storage units cost more

This is one of the things you need to worry about when looking for affordable storage in Queens. If you are on a budget, then every cent counts! So, if you wish to rent a unit that is cheap and affordable, then think ahead! Meaning that you can save money if you plan your relocation well! Learn the benefits of a moving checklist and how much they can contribute to your relocation! Having them will surely bring relocation caused stress to a minimum!

Long term storage units can cost less to rent

Affordable storage in Queens is not that hard to find. Especially if you are looking for a long term storage solution. You can even strike a deal with the owner about it. Most of the times the owners are more than happy to negotiate a lower price if you decide to rent a unit for the long term. Because they need someone who will constantly be there and rent the unit. Based on the length of the lease, you can either get some special discounts on monthly or yearly rent. This is a perfect solution if you are going to be away for a while. But, always be aware that if you do not pay the rent, you might get penalized. And often, those who do not pay the rent for a storage unit, get their items sold at an auction. So, think about this when you commit to long term storage unit rent.

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You may pay less if you opt for long term storage renting

Never rent a damaged unit

Although units with leaking or mold can be rented for a lower price, they are not always a good solution. Furthermore, you might lose more money this way, than actually saving it. Constant leaking and mold can seriously damage your items. And you really do not want to deal with that. But, if you opt for such a unit, you should know how to deal with mold!

Affordable storage in Queens is not that hard to find! We gave you what we think are the best pointers you will need for such a task! Are you already an experienced mover and storage unit user? Tell us about your experience and how you found your perfect storage unit!